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Industrial Solutions mastering power

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Table of Contents Industrial Solutions Feel the power of cooperation Holmatro Industrial Solutions at work Synchronized Positioning System Skidding System Step Cylinder Set Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions Ship Launching Set Rerailing System Custom Made Solutions About Holmatro Industrial Equipment

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Dear Reader, The world of high-pressure hydraulics is constantly in motion. We are therefore proud to present you with a selection of high-pressure hydraulic solutions for industrial use. Resultsoriented solutions that are regularly developed on request, and may also be of added value to you. Perfection is the starting point for all industrial solutions at Holmatro. You will see this reflected in quality, ease of use and safety. All our products are developed, manufactured and tested in-house. The result: traditional Dutch quality and reliability. Our products have a life span that extends...

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Industrial Solutions Feel the power of cooperation A number of important pillars converge at Holmatro Industrial Solutions. In addition to the traditional Dutch quality and reliability of our products, it revolves around empathy, expert knowledge of hydraulics and naturally our partnership with you. Hydraulics specialist Ship launches, turbine transport, generator installations in narrow spaces: moving, adjusting or levelling heavy loads requires controlled forces and special projects demand customized solutions and systems. Your specific requirements and our in-depth expertise in...

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Holmatro Industrial Solutions Levelling Tilting Lowering Pushing Pulling Lifting

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Supporting | Skidding | Releasing | Positioning | Weighing

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Synchronized Positioning System Computer-controlled synchronized positioning of heavy loads Computer-controlled synchronized positioning of heavy loads with high damage risk has never been so easy with the Holmatro Synchronized Positioning System. Because of the use of multiple-split-flow pumps, each lifting point has its own single oil flow whereby the load can be positioned smoothly and with extreme precision. The use of multiple pumps results in a close position next to the lifting points. This minimizes the dynamic effect of the hydraulic system and reduces hose damage. The pumps can be...

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Commissioned by Location Year Application area CEI – De Meyer Brussels, Belgium 2013 Infrastructure Construction of the SchumanJosaphat-rail tunnel in Brussels During the construction of the new Schuman-Josaphatrail tunnel in the centre of Brussels, 26 concrete rail casings were immediately placed on site in the tunnel shafts. After hardening, the concrete colossi measuring 90 metres in length and weighing 400 tons needed to be lifted in order to place vibration dampers underneath and to build bridge supports. Client testimonial Dirk Davidts, Team Leader CEI - De Meyer: “We developed the...

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Skidding System Horizontal movement of heavy loads in limited surroundings Besides the standard vertically oriented applications such as hoisting and lifting, Holmatro also concentrates on the horizontal movement of heavy loads. Holmatro’s configurable Skidding System is suitable for moving industrial objects of exceptional sizes and weights to locations where using a crane or forklift is not an option. Modular system Holmatro’s Skidding System is extremely user-friendly and pull units, the system is able to push and pull heavy loads consists of a set of tracks, beams and push-pull units....

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Commissioned by Location Year Application area HEAVY Lifting & Handling Stonehaven, Scotland 2013 Heavy Transport Transportation, placement and installation of a transformer The principle of the Skidding System is that relatively little power is needed to move a heavy load horizontally. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder was fitted in the push/ pull unit of the skid-set for Heavy Lifting & Handling. With two cylinders of 26 tons we could move 500 tons. Client testimonial Pieterjan Van Iseghem, Managing Director Heavy Lifting & Handling: “The destination in Stonehaven could only be reached...

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Larger vertical movement of heavy loads with accurate control Some industrial lifting applications require a longer cylinder stroke to lift the load to the required height. Because of the direct relationship between the stroke length and the closed height of a cylinder, this requirement is not always possible with a standard cylinder. Those situations need a special solution for safe and correct lifting; the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set. Step Cylinders, with a capacity of 25 to 150 tons are fitted alone cylinder that can also be used for other jobs. Holmatro with a step plate and a plunger...

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Commissioned by Application area Fabricom Petro-chemicals Storage tanks maintenance Holmatro developed 120 pcs 35 tons Step Cylinders for Fabricom. Client testimonial “Our core business is the engineering, construction and maintenance of storage tanks. Using the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set, we can lift the storage tanks in a controlled way and, if required, in four segments. The adjustable head makes it easier to position the cylinder under the temporary support. Thanks to this solution, our people can carry out their work more safely and efficiently.” 1

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Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions Powerful systems for offshore wind With almost 50 years of experience as a supplier to the shipbuilding and oil & gas industries, it was a logical step for Holmatro to deliver a complete TP levelling set to one of the first offshore wind parks in the world: Belwind. Since then our list of references in offshore wind has increased enormously. Holmatro’s Offshore Wind Hydraulic Solutions are ideally suited to ensure that the foundations of wind turbines are levelled and fixated. Next to levelling and fixation we offer also seafastening solutions. The cylinders...

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Commissioned by Location Year Application area SeaJacks Meerwind 2013 Offshore Construction of wind farm Seajacks are the main installation contractor for the construction of Meerwind, a 288MW wind farm development located in the Exclusive Economic Zone region of the German North Sea. When fully operational, the eighty turbine project will produce enough energy to power 400,000 households every year. Client testimonial “In the second phase of installing a wind turbine, each foundation pile is fitted with a ready-made transition piece. Each transition piece weighs 270 tons. A crane lifts the...

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