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Electric Screwdrivers - 1

TIME SETTING(sec) SOFT START SOFT START SLOW SCREW COUNTER NITTO KOHKI’s “delvo” Electric Screwdrivers contribute to quality improvement of assembly work. For use with Electric Screwdrivers Models DLV75 TORQUE CHECKER MODEL DLT1173 RS-232C • Don't use as impact load. • Don't apply a torque exceeding the permissible load(120% of max.torque). • Read all instructions. DATA OUTPUT Measuring range : 0.015~1.500N.m READY Driver Lock Function Output signal 2 3 4 Torque up Reverse Common TORQUE CHECKER MODEL DLT1133 RS-232C ・衝撃工具には使用しないでください。 ・最大許容負荷 (測定範囲の最大値の120%) 以上の負荷を絶対にかけないで下さい。 ・ ご使用前に取扱説明書をよくお読み下さい。 TORQUE CHECKER MODEL DLT1673A CAUTION • Don't use as impact load. • Don't apply a torque exceeding the permissible load(120% of max.torque). • Read all instructions. TORQUE CHECKER MODEL DLT1973A CAUTION • Don't use as impact load. • Don't apply a torque exceeding the permissible load(120% of max.torque). • Read all instructions. ANALOG OUTPUT �EUse this CONTROLLER in combination with the following special ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVERS. MODELS:DLV30/45/70� � -IKE �ETo reduce the risk of injury,user must read instruction manual. �EAlways use this hear

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Electric Screwdrivers - 2

Selection Chart Page Electric Screwdriver Starting Method Transformerless Transformerless Transformerless High Torque Lever Start Push to Start Lever Start Torque Reach Light High Torque Torque Reach Light Torque Reach Light High Torque Transformerless Transformerless High Speed Torque Reach Light Lever Start DLC4511-GGB DLR1510-JE Push to Start Lever Start Transformerless High Torque Transformerless Transformerless High Torque Transformerless High Speed Transformerless High Speed Clean Room Low Shock ESD Lever Start Clean Room Bit Grounding Low Shock ESD Clean Room Transformerless High...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 3

Selection Chart This chart is for reference only. Torque Truque range Screw Size (mm)

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Electric Screwdrivers - 4

NITTO KOHKI's "Delvo" Electric Screwdrivers are high-quality tools for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long life. They always apply just the correct amount of torque with accurate and positive control at your fingertips. They are smooth and shockless in operation, too. NITTO KOHKI's customer-oriented service system through our sales agents ensures that you can use Delvo Electric Screwdrivers with a high degree of reliability. Sophisticated clutches and motor braking mechanism reduce the shock at the end of the screw tightening operation and causes less...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 5

Green Procurement NITTO KOHKI has made every effort in environmental improvement schemes on a company-wide basis through the implementation of ISO14001 to execute environmentally conscious business activities. As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve the environment, we are also committed to exclude or reduce restricted chemical substances in our products, as designated by the RoHS directives and Laws and Regulations of Chemical Substances in Japan. For further details, please see the following: Nitto Kohki group companies’ Green Procurement Guidelines have been established by their...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 6

Features The light and compact body reduces operator fatigue • The built-in coreless motor achieves reduced inertia • Torque accuracy is within a top-ranked worldwide level (Based on measurements at our laboratory) • Compliant with CE standards • Use of the Screw Fastening Counter prevents human fastening errors and enhances accurate fastening control (No CE marking or CCC applied) • Screw Fastening Counter Model DLR5640-WN works in conjunction with any dedicated SPC-type electric screwdrivers • Reduces shock applied to workpieces when fastening screws • ESD (electrostatic discharge)...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 7

Torque Diagrams (for reference) High Torque Spring (black) Low Torque Spring (silver) Torque Scale Torque Scale Shock Waveform Comparison between the 7400A series and our conventional models Shock value Our conventional models Peak shock value : 33 G Value of shock applied to the workpiece as measured using acceleration pickup. DLV7400A series Peak shock value : 8 G External Dimensions Optional Accessories Lever Switch Torque Adjustment Ring This minimizes tampering or accidental turning of the torque adjustment ring once the torque is set. * Please see page 32 for details. Torque...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 8

Features For quality improvement and productivity enhancement • Grounded bit installation mechanism • Electro-static discharge (ESD) control • Low-shock for tightening (30 % less of standard models) • Low swing bit mechanism • Ergonomic design • High-performance DC motor • New clutch mechanism Model Starting Method Input Voltage Torque Adjustment (Nm) Torque (min-1) Free Speed Power Consumption (W) Screw Size Machine Screw (mm) Tapping Screw Bit Type Model Input Voltage Asia + Grounding wire U.S.A. Asia + Grounding wire Plug Shape Standard Accessories No. No.0 × 1.8 × 44 No.0 × 2.5 × 44...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 9

Features In response to the needs of cell production system space-saving DELVO screwdrivers are released. Controller is designed for emphasis on space-saving size and lightness. • Clear disengagement of clutch (low-shock mechanism unavailable) • Grounded bit installation mechanism • ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection • New lever is adopted • Low swing bit mechanism • Low voltage transless controller (g) Mass (m) Cord Length Grounding Bit Feature Antistatic material Case Material * Electric screwdrivers DLV5800 series can be also used with DLC0350. 230 1.5 (with connector) Equipped as...

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Electric Screwdrivers - 10

• The dedicated controller realizes high-accuracy screw tightening • High repeatable torque accuracy • The controller provides a soft start function. The initial speed at screwdriver startup can therefore be slowed down, effectively preventing screw heads from being scratched. • Variable speed adjustment enables to select optimum screw tightening speed. • DLV7325, DLV7335 meet Class 5*1 Clean Room standards *1: Based on Nitto's standard of measurement Optional Accessories Torque Adjustment Ring Cover for DLV7303 DLW5500 (TD00333) Controller Plug Shape Vacuum *2 : availablepump for suction...

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