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Pneumatics We at HOLGER CLASEN provide our customers with tailor-made solutions and a comprehensive "Tools and More” service, as well as customer-specific consulting services and high-quality tools. Please contact your HOLGER CLASEN team to learn more. Your Needs Development & Manufacture Consultancy & Services • Developing customised solutions • Individual consulting provided by your Area Service Manager • Presenting product innovations and application solutions at trade shows • Local expert events • Individual telephone consulting provided by our customer service center • Service for repair and maintenance, e.g., TSC pick-up service, TSC memory service • Training Our Solutions HOLGER CLASEN GMBH & CO. KG Alsterdorfer Straße 234 D-22297 Hamburg Germany H E KZ Customer Service Center Phone +49 (0)40 511 28-0 Fax +49 (0)40 511 28-111 TSC Technical Service Center Phone +49 (0)40 511 28-30 Fax +49 (0)40 511 28-315 D ER EUGE MENSC EINE W D S R U N Hydraulics | Electrics | Technical Service Surface Technology Rust Removal Tools and More • Providing the right solution for your individual application | Last update 2/2007 May be subject to changes

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Surface Technology | Assembling | Drilling and Tapping | Driving, Control, Motion Surface Technology Rust Removal Product overview Tool group Item Page Features Needle scalers JC-16 (DN 10) 4 JT-20 (DN 23) JEX-24 (DN 25) JEX-28 (DN 30) JEX-2800 (DN 3000) EJC-32 A Blows: Rust removal and surface cleaning machines Record Speed: 6 Accessories 4,000 min-1 Steel needles, vanadium steel needles (stainless), 4,000 min-1 copper-beryllium needles (non-sparking) 4,000 min-1 4,500 min-1 4,700 min-1 3,000 min-1 2,800 min-1 Milling tools, impact tools, round brushes, angle bis 3,000 min-1 grinders,...

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Needle Scalers25), JEX-28 (DN 30), JEX-2800 (DN 3000), EJC-32 A JC-16 (DN 10), JT-20 (DN 23), JEX-24 (DN Accessories For removing rust and cleaning corroded surfaces, containers and structural steelwork elements used in machine building, steel construction, as well as in tank and container construction. Needle scalers are used in navigation, ship yards, for corrosion protection and the rehabilitation of concrete structures. For JC-16 (DN 10) Item Quality Standard needles The air cushion between the impact areas decreases wear on needles. The excellent weight-power ratio ensures easy...

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Rust removal and surface cleaning machine Record Accessories Mobile removal of rust films and rust on plates; used for removing rust on ships as well as in container building, steel construction and vehicle manufacturing. For Record Item Complete flexible shafts Quality The splash-proof, sturdy special motor is especially suited for rough operating conditions. Sturdy support spirals prevent the ends of the flexible shaft from bending. The open carrying handle with a rotary circuit breaker and cable or aTG coupling in the compressed air version allows the user to move around more freely....

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RustIIIremoval and surface cleaning machine Mammut Accessories For large-surface rust removal and cleaning works, especially in steel construction and ship building. For Mammut III Item Safety Two-hand operation ensures a controlled, steady working position. Durable spray protection prevents removed material from flying around. MR 260 853 92 040 Impact hammer roller ML 260 853 92 041 Brush roller MEB 120 853 92 042 Brush roller Ideal for removing heavy rust, rust on plates and light rust. Sturdy support rollers ensure perfect and quiet working conditions. Item no. Milling wheel roller...

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Derusting brushes Accessories For removing rust; used in machine building, mould making and container construction, in steel construction and ship building as well as in foundries. For MAG 9000 MAG 9000 and GG 30/54-SP 6 Quality Long tool-life due to grinded conical wheels made of high-strength material (MAG 9000). The tool’s compact tool design makes rust removal easy, even in places that are difficult to reach. Safety No tiring thanks to excellent weight-power ratio and the motor’s vibration-free support. MAG 9000 Item Wire cup brush, crimped Wire cup brush, plaited Wire cup brush,...

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Chisel hammers Angle grinders MAGW-40, MAGW-40/115, MAG-50, MAG-70 MHA 1 and ACH-16 For polishing, cutting, grinding and brushing cast materials, steel, VA and non-ferrous material. For removing rust, deburring and cleaning jobs in the container and machine building industry, in ship yards as well as in foundries and for concrete repair and refurbishment. Quality Quality The standardised chuck accepts all standard plates and brushes. The encapsulated and vibration-free motor allows the user to work over long periods without becoming tired. Double bearing-mounted conical wheels ensure long...

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Scaling hammers S 2 and S 30 Holger Clasen For removing rust, cleaning jobs and removing slag; used in steel construction and ship building and designed for companies involved in corrosion protection, ship builders and foundries. Competence and Service Quality Adapts well to different surfaces thanks to its small piston diameter. Try out our experience and services and see for yourself. Safety Low tool weight so user does not become tired while working overhead. Efficiency S2 We are proud to present you a selection of products from our product line that will give you a better idea of what...

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