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incorporating Wolverhampton Abrasives Supplier & Manufacturer of Blast Machines, Abrasives, Blast Rooms, Cabinets & Paint Spray Equipment

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ounded in 1959, Hodge Clemco has set the benchmark for the UK blast cleaning equipment industry. Leading the way in surface preparation since 1959, Hodge Clemco has consistently been the leader in the supply and manufacture of abrasive blast cleaning and surface treatment equipment. Our product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment, wet blast units, hand blast cabinets, soda blast equipment, sponge blast, blast rooms, a full range of abrasives, paint spray equipment and safety equipment. Contents Standard Blast Machines Slurry/Wet Blast Equipment Closed Circuit...

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Standard Blast Machines Standard Blast Machines The 1028NC blast machine is the smallest model in our range. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 25kg with overall dimensions of 780mm high x 400mm x 800mm; approximate weight 40kg. This machine is suited for small projects and jobs where portability is the key factor. Hodge Clemco blast machines are the most technically advanced blast machines available, offering unrivalled performance, low running costs and extended life cycles. Our Contractor range has become the industry standard in performance, mobility, safety and quality of...

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Slurry/Wet Blasting The robust Aquagrit dry and slurry blast units are ideal for heavy industrial cleaning applications and typical uses include but are not limited to: cleaning of ship hulls, tank internals, offshore maintenance and general steel fabrication. All Hodge Clemco Aquagrit machines combine the best of both wet and dry blast machines in one convenient solution. When loaded with dry abrasive they operate as any standard Hodge Clemco blast machine. When operated as a slurry blast machine the media is totally saturated in water within the system, fully dampening any airborne fines...

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Closed Circuit Blasting Equipment Eductomatic When containment of dust and abrasive is necessary, the Eductomatic is an essential tool. A range of heads are available to provide a seal against most surfaces. A 360° swivel blast head enables cleaning at all angles and with a total weight of 3 kg it is light and manoeuvrable. Air volumes of 33-60 cfm at 90 p.s.i, are required to power the unit. Abrasive will normally be of a recyclable type which is cleaned by the unit with all dust contained in an attached dust bag or for production use in a separate dust collector. With easy filling and a...

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Remote Control Valves Abrasive Metering Valves RMS120 Silencer Core Replacement filter material for the RMS110 Silencer, which reduces exhaust noise on depressurisation. A robust abrasive metering valve with tungsten carbide sleeve to give long life. Accurate abrasive flow can be achieved with the fine thread control. Ideal for all abrasives. Suitable for use with the 1440NC, 2040NC and 2452NC portable blast machines. P17C STEEL GRIT VALVE Recommended for aggressive metallic abrasives i.e. chilled iron, steel and aluminium oxide. Wide range of flow rates available. Replaceable liner for...

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Product Catalogue - 7

Ancillary Items Nozzles Hodge Clemco manufactures a comprehensive range of blast nozzles. These include parallel bore, venturi, double venturi, side outlet and water injection nozzles. We have a nozzle to suit every application. Our nozzle designs come in a range of material types. As a general rule the harder the abrasive, the harder the material type used in the blast nozzle. Ancillary Items P2 & P2A Pop Up Valve Automatic Pressure sealing popup valve with internal sleeve for all pre contractor style blast machines. PNC22 Pop Up Valve Automatic pressure sealing pop up valve with external...

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the most important piece of equipment on any blast system. This equipment will keep you safe, secure and comfortable during any hazardous process. Everyone’s requirements differ and for this reason we have a comprehensive stock of PPE to meet every application. The catalogue on our website covers our most popular items. However, our warehouse stocks over 2500 product lines. If you require any help in identifying your spare parts please 0114 254 88 11 for assistance. The Apollo 600 CE offers the user unrivalled protection and comfort during blast...

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Product Catalogue - 10

Safety Equipment Flame Retardant Wet Blast Suit Offering unrivalled performance and protection across a wide range of applications. Hodge Clemco has launched a fully tested and approved flame retardant blast suit, designed in conjunction with Shell and some of the UK’s largest fabric maintenance contractors. The result is a suit capable of being used on both wet and dry blast processes in addition to being flame retardant. This allows the suit to be used at petrochemical sites, on and off-shore and applications where the operator works in a zoned environment. AG1N Agmec LED Lamp Attached to...

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JBlast Supa Abrasive Selection Guide A synthetic mineral abrasive available in Provides a coarse etch or anchor pattern. Ideal for cleaning off heavily both Iron Silicate or Aluminium Silicate corroded steel, marine growth, heavy coatings. cement buildup and forms. prior to metal spray. Grain size 1.4 - 2.5mm A synthetic mineral abrasive available in Gives a high cleaning rate and etch acceptable for most industrial both Iron Silicate or Aluminium Silicate coatings e.g. ship’s hulls, tank internals, pipe joints and general steel forms. fabrications. Grain size 0.2 -1.5mm JBlast Supafine A...

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Blast Rooms Cabinets Hodge Clemco offer a comprehensive range of both standard and bespoke pressure and suction hand blast cabinets. Cabinets include a light unit, and a blow-off gun in addition to the blast nozzle, Vestibules can be fitted to the doors for larger components. Pressure Cabinets Suction Cabinets Suction Blast Cabinets provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to many coating and corrosion problems. Ideally suited to ensuring a decorative or aesthetically pleasing surface finish across many materials. Suction systems are generally lower in capital cost than a pressure...

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