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The Enviraclean Machine Hodge Clemco Ltd ____________________________________________________________________________ Every year millions of pounds are spent cleaning our inner city streets and town centres. High profile problems are those associated with chewing gum, graffiti and fly posters. Hodge Clemco have developed the most cost effective solution to the problem with the Enviraclean Machine. ____________________________________________________________________________ The advantages of using this chewing gum & graffiti removal machine are: • Chemical Free • No abrasives • Environmentally Friendly • No Substrate Damage ____________________________________________________________________________ Tel: 0800 783 2467 for additional information or to arrange a demonstration.

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Go-Gum Machine - 2

What is the principle of the Enviraclean Machine? The machine works on the principle of pressurised hot water. However, it is not a standard hot pressure washer or steam cleaner. The special combination of pump, high temperature burner and jet profile produces a more efficient & effective cleaning rate than standard hot pressure washers or steam cleaners. Just how fast can it clean? Discarded chewing gum can be removed at between one and three seconds per spot depending on age from most surfaces without damage to the substrate including: • Traditional slab paving • Block paving • Concrete •...

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