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Finishing Systems The Enviraclean range of finishing equipment has evolved from a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise accumulated by Hodge Clemco over the last four decades Whatever the product supplied, whether a single blast machine or fully integrated blast cleaning system there are certain factors you can be assured of: A warm welcome is extended to all existing and potential customers. Our aim is to provide you with the optimum finishing system to suit your particular requirements This is achieved by providing a complete consultation, design, manufacture, installation,...

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Visit our Sheffield showroom and talk to the people with the skill and knowledge to provide you with the optimum solution. See for yourself how the equipment is taken from concept through to design and manufacture Before investing in a new system visit our sample processing facility for ‘hands on ‘ experience of the equipment and media. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing you are purchasing the best equipment to solve your pre-treatment problem If our extensive standard range of equipment does not meet your requirements, our engineers will design a bespoke...

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The Plant Room The heart of the blastroom system where the process is controlled & maintained ‘The Optimum System’ Whatever the application, whatever the media, Hodge Clemco can supply a number of options including dust collection, media recovery, particle separation, compressed air and breathing air systems Dense Particle Separator Vibratory Screen Separator Media Storage & Collection Hoppers Electrical Control Panel

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The Enclosure Built to suit your specific requirements , taking into consideration application, frequency of use and media. Lighting, ventilation, recovery system and dust extraction are critical in providing the optimum facility Access doors and ramps conforming to H&SE requirements Lighting & ventilation essential in achieving a clean, dust free environment Please call 0114 254 8811 for further information on our free consultation and design service Operator wearing personal protective equipment

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Above and below: Plastic media stripping rooms with viewing windows in front doors Blastroom Systems Recovery Unit fitted in plant room at side as above or to rear of container. See IND 200P - pg 6 for more details When factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilised then the Enviraclean containerised blastroom provides an instant and economical solution Major Benefits Portable The unit can be sited externally or internally providing space where it is required. If circumstances change the blastroom can be moved to a new location Flexible Doors can be sited to suit...

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Partial Recovery System An essential part of the blastroom system which saves many valuable man hours, reduces abrasive wastage, improves quality of finish and the working environment. The type of recovery system you choose is often determined by a number of factors e.g. budget, size and type of blastroom and number of units to be processed Vacuum Recovery System An economic and compact unit, the IND 200P consists of a small hopper sunk into the blastroom floor, abrasive silo and vacuum producing unit. The system allows up to 3 hours continuous production before recovery of media is...

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Screw Recovery System Enviraflow Recovery System The Enviraflow vacuum recovery system collects and conveys all types of abrasive from the floor area through mini hoppers to an abrasive cleaning system and returns the cleaned media back to the blasting machine Helical Steel flights welded to a central tube mounted within a trough and shedder arrangement transfer media back to the elevator. Self lubricating bearings support the assembly. A suitably geared motor mounted on end plates drives the assembly The Scraper Floor The scraper floor consists of pivoting blades fitted into a frame. A...

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Dust Collectors Choice of the correct model of dust collector is integral to any closed blasting system. The removal of airborne particles from the environment of a blast chamber is essential to maintain efficient operation. Savings made by cutting costs at this point will only lead to reduced efficiency and early failure of the system Factors to consider when choosing a dust collector Air speeds - The correct air speed through the blastroom prevents settlement of airborne particles in the work area Air Flow - The direction in which the air flows through the blast room is critical to the...

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Cabinet Systems including: Manual, Hodge Clemco offers a full range of both standard and bespoke suction and pressure hand blast cabinets Pressure Systems Pressure feed hand blast cabinets are essential when removing heavy corrosion, tough coatings or when high production rates are required. Cleans at 4-5 times the speed of a suction blast cabinet and is suitable for use with heavier, long life abrasives such as iron and steel Suction blast cabinets provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to many coating and corrosion removal problems. Ideally suited to ensuring a decorative or...

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Semi and Fully Automated Systems If air blast finishing is required on a large volume of components then the cost effective method has to be the use of a multi nozzle blasting machine. Each application is examined individually to determine the best means of presenting the component surface to the blast stream in the fastest possible manner. Customers are involved in every step of design to ensure compatibility with production flow line requirements Initial sample processing in our sampling centre will produce various finishes to determine process parameters and production rates. From there...

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Bespoke Systems Bespoke systems for deburring of heavy duty castings incorporating bucket elevator and operator access platform Although Hodge Clemco offers a vast range of standard equipment there are many occasions when the full design capabilities of the engineering department are called upon to meet a specific finishing problem Automated system for creating a key to bore of components prior to administering bonding Two axis table for etching of marble for monumental mason market Call 0114 254 8811 For further Information or to arrange a free consultation with our technical sales staff

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