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Clemvac - 1

THE MULTI-PURPOSE UNIT • In Line Grit Mover • Vacuum Power Unit • Air Mover A

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Clemvac - 2

Operates on compressed air — no other form of power required. Minimum air requirement — 225 cfm at 85 psi. Portable — weight 60 lbs (27 kg) — length 45 inches (114 cm). Easy to maintain — no moving parts. Simple to use. Supplied in wooden carrying case, for on-site protection. Versatile — can also be used with a reception vessel and as an air mover. The Clemvac MK III vacuum recovery system is a highly efficient pneumatic eductor which incorporates many advanced features. With low initial cost, small size and light weight the versatile Clemvac MK III has proved to be an essential item for...

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