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imu CtoMM IM incorporating AUifeVV/tifig -------------------------------§|» Supplier & manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment, abrasives, servicing & training

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The Hodge Clemco Way Leading the way in surface preparation since 1959, Hodge Clemco has consistently been the leader in the manufacture and supply of abrasive blasting equipment and surface treatment equipment. Our product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment, hand blast cabinets, soda blast equipment, blast rooms, a full range of JBlast and recyclable abrasives, abrasive recovery, and dust extraction & collection equipment. We also offer a comprehensive range of coating application equipment and enclosures, and spares for all our products. Our skilled...

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Steel Panel Blastrooms Weatherproofed Containerised Blastrooms Panelled booths are designed to be modular and offer the flexibility of being available in a range of sizes. The booths are designed for internal location and are manufactured from heavy gauge steel plates with an external structural frame. When factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilised the containerised blastroom provides an instant and economical solution. Containerised booths can be based upon standard freight containers which reduces the design and fabrication costs that are normally associated with...

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Media Cleaning & Recovery Units Media Recovery SCRAPER FLOOR Simple, low cost and efficient... An economic and compact unit, the IND200P consists of a hopper sunk into the blast-room floor, an abrasive silo and a vacuum producing unit. The system allows for up to three hours continuous production before recovery of media is required. Expended media is manually swept into the hopper and retrieved by vacuum into the silo and blast machine. During this process the recycled abrasive is cleaned and fines, dust and oversize contamination are separated from the reusable media. This low cost system...

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Engineered Solutions Choice of the correct model of dust collector is integral to any blasting system. The removal of airborne particles from the environment of a blast chamber is essential to maintain efficient operation. Savings made by cutting costs at this point will only lead to reduced efficiency and early failure of the system. Factors to consider when choosing a dust collector are: • Air Speeds - The correct air speed through the blastroom prevents settlement of airborne particles in the work area. • Air Flow - The direction in which the air flows through the blastroom is critical...

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The Finishing Touches PRODUCT TRAINING In a world where technology and working methods are constantly evolving to meet new and demanding criteria, training can make the difference between success and failure. The finishing industry is not exempt from these changes having to meet more complex and rigorously laid down specifications, critical inspection and compliance with Health & Safety regulations. Hodge Clemco offers you the chance to meet these demands with confidence, providing you with the knowledge to achieve the very best from your equipment and financial constraints. Standard...

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HMlie Clemca imincorporating $t\&e Manufacturers of: Blast Rooms Blast Cabinets Blast Machines Spares PPE Bespoke Equipment Recyclable Abrasives Expendable Abrasives Paint Spray Equipment Servicing Training Hodge Clemco Ltd 36 Orgreave Drive Sheffield South Yorkshire S13 9NR Tel 0114 254 0600

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