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r, Jfclai mmm r» « 1 iJ High Performance jJUiJiJ J CI8H11 i'iil High Pressure incorporating Wolverhampton Abrasives Pneumatically Powered Airless Spray Units BUREAU VERITAS E-mail: Orgreave Drive

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Airless Spray Units - 2

High Pressure Airless Spray Painting Equipment HD63 Pump ratio Delivery at 60 cycles Max. Free flow DIN 24374 Air inlet pressure range Max. Outlet fluid pressure Recommended max tip size 63:1 9.50 litre 39.00 litre 35 to 75 psi (2.5 to 5 bar) 5020 psi (346 bar) 0.059” A high pressure unit designed for the application of the most demanding heavy duty industrial, marine and offshore coatings such as Coal Tar Epoxy, Glass Flake etc. Also available as a 45:1 ratio unit. TEL30 Pump ratio Delivery at 60 cycles Max free flow DIN 24374 1 Air inlet pressure range Max outlet fluid pressure...

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