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Finishing Systems The 1448NC Soft Clean System has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the stone cleaning industry where delicate controlled abrasive cleaning is required. complete range of micro abrasives including: Stone grit extrafine, Dirk grade 1 and all other fine Aluminium Silicates, Calcium carbonate, glass bead and grit and speciality media such as Dolomite and Bi-Carbonate Built to the same high specifications as all Hodge Clemco machines, the unit has many features to facilitates the needs of the stone cleaning industry H operating pressures of under 0.5 bar can be achieved. ■ the system is able to utilise all commonly available nozzles from 2mm to 12.5 mm diameter ■ the unit operates wet or dry (when the wash down facility is incorporated) ■ water consumption is approximately 4 Itr/min ■ mains water supply is not required. The machine is supplied in a modular form allowing the selection of the most suitable option for individual To ensure maximum working efficiency is achieved, this unit is covered in Hodge Clemco specialist training courses run on site or at Hodge Clemco's dedicated training school in Sheffield Hodge Clemco Ltd. Orgreave Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S13 9NR Tel: 0114 254 0600 Fax: 0114 254 0250 www.hodgeclemco.co.uk email:sales@hodgeclemco. co.uk

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