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Ballscrews Technical Information HIWIN GmbH •CHICAGO 1400 Madeline Lane Elgin, IL. 60124, USA Tel: +1-847-8272270 Fax: +1-847-8272291 HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. No. 7, Jingke Road, Taichung Precision Machinery Park Taichung 40852, TAIWAN Tel: +886-4-23594510 Fax: +886-4-23594420 Brücklesbünd 2, D-77654 Offenburg, GERMANY Tel: +49-781-93278-0 Fax: +49-781-93278-90 HIWIN SCHWEIZ Schachenstrasse 80 CH-8645 Jona, SWITZERLAND Tel: +41-55-2250025 Fax: +41-55-2250020 Kastanova 34 CZ 62000 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: +420-548-528238 Fax: +420-548-220233 HIWIN JAPAN •KOBE 3F. Sannomiya-Chuo Bldg. 4-2-20 Goko-Dori. Chuo-Ku KOBE 651-0087, JAPAN Tel: +81-78-2625413 Fax: +81-78-2625686 Ballscrews Technical Information HIWIN FRANCE 24 ZI N°1 EST-BP 78, LE BUAT, 61302 L’AIGLE Cedex, FRANCE Tel: +33-2-33341115 Fax: +33-2-33347379 Mega-Fabs Motion Systems, Ltd. 13 Hayetzira St. Industrial Park, P.O.Box 540, Yokneam 20692, ISRAEL Tel: +972-4-9891050 Fax: +972-4-9891080 ©2012 FORM S99TE17-1212 (PRINTED IN TAIWAN)

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High speed High precision Multifunctional integration Ecology first Humanistic technology Ground/Rolled • High Speed (High Dm-N Value/Super S Series) • For Heavy-Load Drive • Ecological & Economical lubrication Module E2 • Rotating Nut (R1) • nergy-Saving & ThermalE Controlling (C1) • Recirculation Divide Series TAIWAN EXCELLENCE GOLD AWARD 2004 Linear Synchronous Motor Linear Actuator TAIWAN EXCELLENCE GOLD AWARD 2010, 2003 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE SILVER AWARD 2009 Industrial Robot Linear Motor Air Bearing Platform • For Semiconductor & Electronic (KK Series) • For Automation (KS, KA Series)...

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3. Classification of Standard Ballscrew 8. Ballscrew Retrofit Kits for Manual Milling Machine

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Ballscrews, also called a ball bearing screws, recirculating ballscrews, etc., consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with balls and the balls’ return mechanism, return tubes or return caps. Ballscrews are the most common type of screws used in industrial machinery and precision machines. The primary function of a ballscrew is to convert rotary motion to linear motion or torque to thrust, and vice versa, with the features of high accuracy, reversibility and efficiency. HIWIN provides a wide range of ballscrews to satisfy your special requirements. The combination of...

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(1) High efficiency and reversibility Ballscrews can reach an efficiency as high as 90% because of the rolling contact between the screw and the nut. Therefore, the torque requirement is approximately one third of that of conventional screws. It can be seen from Fig. 2.2 that the mechanical efficiency of ball screws are much higher than conventional lead screws. HIWIN ballscrews have super surface finish in the ball tracks which reduce the contact friction between the balls and the ball tracks. Through even contact and the rolling motion of the balls in the ball tracks, a low friction force...

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life. The life achieved by any ballscrew depends upon several factors including design, quality, maintenance, and the major factor, dynamic axial load (C). Profile accuracy, material characteristics and the surface hardness are the basic factors which influence the dynamic axial load. It is recommended that the life at average axial load should be a minimum of 1x106 revs). High quality ballscrews are designed to conform with the B rating (i.e. 90% probability of achieving the design life). Fifty percent of the ballscrews can exceed 2 to 4 times of the design life. (5) Low starting torque...

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(6) Quietness High quality machine tools require low noise during fast feeding and heavy load conditions. HIWIN achieves this by virtue of its return system, balltrack designs, assembly technique, and careful control of surface finish and dimensions. (7) Short lead time HIWIN has a fast production line and can stock ballscrews to meet short lead times. (8) Advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators The ballscrew used in an actuator to replace the traditional hydraulic or pneumatic actuator has many advantages, i.e. fast response, no leakage, no filtering, energy savings and good...

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Classification of Standard Ballscrews 3.1 Standard Ballscrew Spindle HIWIN recommends our standard regular ballscrews for your design. However, high lead, miniature or other special types of ballscrews, may also be available upon your request. Table 3.1 shows the standard ballscrew spindles which are available. 3.2 Nut Configuration The circuiting systems of nut of HIWIN ball screw can be divided into: external circuit, internal circuit, end caps, and Super S. For each circuiting way the features are as follows: external recirculation type, internal recirculation type, endcap recirculation...

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b. features (a) Adapted to high lead (b) Outer diameter of nut is middle (c) Single nut only (4) Super S a. structure The forth design is called Super S recirculation type ballscrew which consists of screw shaft, the ball nut, the steel balls and the cassette (Fig.3.4). The basic design of this return system is the same as the endcap recirculation type. Instead of using endcap, cassette is used in the recirculation. The balls in this design traverse the whole circuit of the ball tracks by passing through the cassette within the nut length. b. features (a) Quietness (b) Compact and...

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(2) Type of nuts The type of nuts to select depends on the application requirements. HIWIN standard nuts are classified by three letters as follows (see also Chapter 5 for details): Flange Type (F) External Return Tube * Other types of nut shape can also be made upon your design. • The special high-lead double-start nut is classified by adding D in front of the above three letters. • The compression preload nut is classified by adding P in front of the above three letters. • The offset pitch preload single nut is classified by adding O in front of the above letters. Examples : RDI means...

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