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HILCO Products for Rotating Equipment Vent Mist Eliminator Removes visible oil vapor in the air stream of vents from lubricating oil systems of large, high speed rotating equipment. The Hilco VME improves safety by eliminating oily residue caused by settling oil mist, as well as helping insure compliance with government regulations. Selexsorb Selexsorb GT is a patented adsorbent specically designed for use with Fyrquel gas turbine lube oil. It is also used on steam turbine EHC hydraulic control systems. These units provide for longer uid life, superior efciency and increased equipment life. Duplex Duplex lters lead to less downtime because uid ow can be transferred to the other element during changeouts. Duplex lters with transfer valve welded directly between the lter housings not only take up less space but eliminate the possibility of leaks from the four anged joints. The versatile mounting features of the smaller housings allow wall or oor mounting. Coalescer The coalescer is designed to remove moisture and particulate contamination from turbine lube oil using the principles of ltration and coalescing / separation resulting in extended turbine oil life, reduced maintenance, increased bearing life and protection of components from corrosion. Portable Filter Hilco portable lters allow for one lter to serve several locations for convenient, reliable ltration of lubricating and sealing oils. These units are self-contained that come complete with motor driven pump sets. These lters reduce replacement expense of uid by extending their life. Available powered with electric or compressed air. Filter Cartridges Hilco offers a wide range of drop-in replacement cartridges for most of its competitors including: Pall, Relco, Nugent, Baldwin, Allen, Cuno, Dollinger, Filterdyne, Fluitek, Kaydon, Velcon, Winslow and Western, among others. The Hilliard Corporation 100 West 4th Street Elmira, New York 14902 Phone: 607-733-7121 Fax: 607-733-3009 Web Address: E-mail:

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HILCO Products for Transmission & Distribution Dryer Systems Designed to restore insulating oils used in transformer switching equipment and circuit breakers, Hilco dryer lters provide high efciency ltration of insulating oils by removing free water and carbon particles to restore dielectric strength. Hilco dryer systems are self contained to eliminate outside contamination. Trailer Mounted Dryer Systems These dryer systems are the same as above, mounted on a trailer for over the road use for multiple locations. Options include site glass, ow meter, discharge relief valve, drip pans, and...

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