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The Chips Away high-pressure coolant delivery system forces coolant through the machine tool, expelling chips from the bore hole or cutting surface. Use of this system reduces cycle time, improves finishes, eliminates recutting of chips, and extends tool life. Hilliard Mist and Smoke Eliminators capture contamination released into the air from flame cut, pipe burner, and welding operations. Removes 99.6% of all airborne contaminate and lowers heat and air conditioning costs. The Hilco Machine Tool Mist Eliminator is easy to install, fits in compact areas,and is a costeffective solution for the health issues caused by breathing waterbased coolant mists. Hilco Coolant Recyling System: Model CFS45-3, draws contaminated fluid from the sump through a synthetic pleated filter element to capture the chips and sludge, while separating tramp oil. The included 45 gpm pump makes clean-up fast! The Ceramic Membrane System separates oil-water emulsions without the use of chemicals. Ideal for recycling aqueous wash solutions and reducing coolant disposal costs. Hilco Oil Reconditioning Systems are reliable, convenient units for the reclamation of waste oils. Quench, lube, vacuum, coolant, and hydraulic oils can all be restored to like-new condition. The Star Filters PolyPress is designed for efficient solids removal from water and oils. It operates at high differential pressures, producing cakes with lower moisture content than belt presses or rotary drum vacuum filters. Also offers higher sludge-holding capacities than centrifuges. Hilco Coolant Recycling System with 100-gallon tank, the CFS456, has similar features to the CFS45-3, with the addition of a 100-gallon holding tank as part of the system.

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Portable Coolant Tanks are designed to be used with a Hilco Coolant Recyling System to hold the coolant from the machine tool sump, and to offer the advantage of recirculating the coolant in the tank through the recycling unit while servicing the machine tool. The Hilco GS-200 Machine Tool Recycling System is used to recycle dirty, water-based machine tool coolants by removing metal fines, particulate, and tramp oils. Hilco Portable Filters offer reliable, convenient-to-use, off-line filtration of all types of fluids. Heavy-duty construction offers years of dependable service. Hilco’s Bag...

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