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Press-In Wheel Clutch Mechanism for Self-Propelled “Walk Behind” Equipment HII Sard MOTION CONTROL DIVISION Hilliard’s new Press-in Wheel Clutch Mechanism* allows a simple low-cost method to have positive two-wheel drive and easy steering for your self-propelled lawn and garden equipment. What makes this design so simple? Simply press the Hilliard mechanism into standard plastic wheels, replace the standard flanged bearings supplied with the wheel, slide the wheel back onto the driven shaft and away you go! Operating Features When equipment is traveling straight, both wheels drive providing better traction than one wheel, even in slippery conditions. When turning, the outside wheel will smoothly and automatically overrun the inner wheel, allowing the equipment to be turned without fighting the other wheel. Advantages • Low-cost method to having positive two-wheel drive and easier steering ability • Ease of steering -- will not tear up turf as outer wheel smoothly overruns when turning • Lowers wear on tires compared to equipment which has both wheels fixed to a solid shaft • Easily integrates into standard plastic wheels and operates on standard shafting • Instant clutch engagement; will not jerk or hesitate at start • No expensive cross-drilled holes or keyways need to be added • No additional welding or bolting required • Smooth, silent operation • Simple design for easier maintenance Patent Pending

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This new one-way clutch mechanism can be easily installed into your wheel to simplify your drive system. The mechanism is available in the configuration shown in the chart below. Call Hilliard to inquire about other shaft diameters, wheel bores, and overall lengths (including metric) to fit your specific needs. Or, just fax the completed form provided below to 607-732-8979. Design Information: Torque required for your application Wheel inside diameter Shaft diameter with tolerances Overall maximum length of mechanism Shaft hardness Service life (in hours) expected Annual quantity needed The...

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