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Features a new O-ring seal design! Replaces the PH718-CN series in new installations. Note: Is not interchangeable with the PH718-CN; requires a compatible vessel. The Hilco PH618/636CG cartridges feature the same proven high-capacity deep pleat geometry of the ubiquitous 718 style cartridge but with a modern o-ring seal design. New o-ring design solves the age-old at-gasket sealing problem of eliminating potential by-pass leakage. Currently available in a 36-inch length to minimize the number of inter-cartridge seals in a vessel, and to simplify cartridge changeout. Features • Microglass lter media is sandwiched between two protective layers of Nylon media, then supported with an inner and outer layer of epoxy-coated steel screen. • Inner and outer support screens provide a rigid pleat structure to withstand high cyclic and pulse ow fatigue. • Synthetic media enables the cartridge to be used in a wide range of applications, including those which could deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge (e.g. water exposure). • O-ring sealed ends means positive sealing for critical applications. Applications • Lube, seal, or hydraulic oils • • • • used in turbines, engines, and compressors Fuel oils Oils with water Water and water-based uids Flushing

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PH618 636 CG Filter Cartridge - 2

Specications Construction Materials: • Media: Microglass lter media sandwiched bweteen two protective layers of nylon media then supported with an inner and outer layer of epoxy steel screen. • Center Tubes: Tin-plated steel • End Caps: Coated steel • O-ring Seals: Buna-N standard, others are available • Collapse Pressure: 100 psid (6.9 bar) • Maximum Service Temperature: 250º F Filtration Efciency Bypass Leakage Information Media Number Cartridge bypass leakage of as little as 1% can limit the maximum Beta Ratio to Beta = 100, no matter how efcient the media actually is. At 2% bypass...

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