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High flow cartridge with improved, lower pressure drop The move today is towards cleaner fuel, lube oil, and hydraulic oil. With lube and hydraulic oils, cleaner fluid means less wear on moving parts, improved performance, and reduced downtime. Cleaner fuel means less wear on injectors which reduces the possibility of increased fuel consumption, idle speed creep, and dilution of lube oil. One way to obtain cleaner fluids is to use more efficient filters. Tightening the filtration of the filter cartridges can produce cleaner oil. But it’s really not quite that simple. If you are using a cartridge made of cellulose paper, tightening the efficiency of the cartridge will increase the pressure drop. The cartridge will also load up faster because it is catching more contaminant. This will result in more frequent cartridge replacement. However, changing from less efficient cellulose cartridges to a more efficient PH cartridge could result in an actual decrease in pressure drop. PH cartridges have screened, synthetic media designed for high flows. Synthetic media used in the PH cartridges makes it impervious to water. As a result, the cartridge is well suited for steam turbine lube and hydraulic oils. Features Synthetic media Support Screen Rigid-pleat structure External hold-down spring O-ring seal Corrosion-resistant Metal end-caps and center tube High collapse strength

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Filtration Efficiency Absolute Rating, x Betax = 75 * Part Number Absolute Rating, x Betax = 200 Absolute Rating, x Betax= 1000 * The Beta Ratio system is an industry standard (ISO 4572) for measuring efficiency. For example, Beta3=75 is equivalent to removing 98.7% of particles 3 micron and larger; Beta4=200 is equivalent to removing 99.5% of particles 4 micron and larger; and Beta7 = 1000 is equivalent to removing 99.9% of particles 7 micron and larger. Specifications Construction Materials Media: Center tubes: O-ring: Synthetic, epoxy-coated steel screen Plated and epoxy-coated steel...

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