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PH Filter Cartridges Hilco PH Filter Cartridges are suitable for ltration of oils, water, water-based uids and a wide range of chemicals. Today’s modern machinery with its tighter clearances, operates at higher uid pressures and speeds. This in turn places a far greater demand on the uid cleanliness. Therefore, high efciency ltration is essential to meet these stringent requirements. The Hilco PH series of lter cartridges achieves the demand for higher efciency without sacricing dirt capacity and low pressure drop by incorporating modern synthetic lter bers with much smaller diameters than traditional cellulose bers. Smaller bers take up less space in the lter matrix, leaving more room for dirt capacity. Smaller bers also represent less resistance to uid ow, maintaining lower pressure drops with closer ber spacing and the resultant smaller pore sizes. Water is a common contaminant in most fuel, lube, and hydraulic systems. Synthetic bers do not absorb water and swell or soften as cellulose bers can, making them far more reliable under adverse conditions. Benets for the system packager or OEM • • • Filter housing cost savings Space savings Cartridge cost savings Cartridge cost savings Smaller physical inventory Reduced number of inter-cartridge seals

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Features • Microglass lter media is sandwiched between two protective layers of nylon media then supported with an epoxy-coated steel screen. • Support screens provide a rigid pleat structure to withstand high cyclic and pulse ow fatigue. • Synthetic media enables the cartridge to be used in a wide range of applications, including those which could deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge (i.e., water exposure). Filration Efciency Betax = 75* Media Number Collapse Pressure: 100 psid Maximum Service Temperature: 250º F Engine and Turbine Lube Compressor Lube and Seal Oil Fuel Oil...

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