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Non-Code 718 Filter Housing A rugged, yet affordable solution for small ltration systems or portable lter carts. HILCO is a name that is synonymous with durability. The HILCO Division of The Hilliard Corporation has a reputation for constructing rugged, durable lter housings. So, when HILCO Engineering was tasked with designing an inexpensive housing to meet customer demands, one objective was clear: HILCO’s good name for constructing sturdy, high-quality products was not to be compromised. The result is the new 718 lter canister. This housing is constructed of 11-gauge carbon steel with a 1” thick bottom and 1/2” thick steel cover. The canister weighs about 41 pounds and utilizes a single bolt closure and an o-ring face seal. The challenge was to design a competitively priced housing that would still reect HILCO quality standards. Thinwalled, pressed cans and “pool clamp” closures were not even considered. The lter canister will house any HILCO 718 cartridge designed for 2” centerposts. This includes the PL pleated cellulose and PH pleated synthetic cartridges. It will also work with lled 718 cartridges designed for 2” centerposts. This includes fuller’s earth (HT71800-CN), activated alumina (AT718-00-CN), Selexsorb® (ST718-00-CN), and ion exchange (ET718-00-CN) cartridges. HILCO 718 Filter Housing HILCO 718 Filter Housing Model: 01718-0150-1C01 Data Sheet: DD-624-6 Model: 01718-0100-1C01 Standard Features: Data Sheet: DD-604-12 x Carbon steel construction x Swing bolt design with o-ring cover seal Standard Features x Design pressure: 150 psi x Carbon steel construction x Design temperature: 250q F psi x Design pressure: 100 x 1”xFNPT threaded inlet/outlet connections Design temperature: 250q F x 1”xFNPT SAE, J514 FNPT vent connection -16 drain, 3/4” (1”) inlet/outlet connections x Buna-N o-ring cover seals FNPT vent connections x 1/2” FNPT drain, 1/4” x Standard gray paint cover seals x Buna-N o-ring Optional Features: paint x Standard gray x Viton® cover seal Optional Features x Prime or epoxy paint x Viton® wall mounting options x Pedestal or cover seal x Prime or epoxy paint x Pedestal or oor mounting options HILCO® is a registered trademark of The Hilliard Corporation. Selexsorb® is a registered trademark of Aluminum Company of America. Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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