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Eliminate Crankcase

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What is a Mist Eliminator? The HILCO mist eliminator removes visible oil vapor from the air stream of vents in lubricating oil systems of large, high-speed rotating equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors, turbo generators, reciprocating engines, high speed couplings and gear boxes. The mist eliminator prevents oil mist from contaminating air or soil, helping facilities comply with environmental regulations. It also makes for a cleaner, safer work environment by eliminating oily residue build-up on engine room oors, enclosures and stairwells, while improving...

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Mist Eliminator Applications

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Other HILCO Products The HILCO Selexsorb GT Filter Cartridges and Systems are designed for use with gas turbine lube and hydraulic control uids, and steam turbine EHC control industrial hydraulic systems. For more information, request brochure SEL-2. The HILCO DR Series Ion Exchange lled cartridge features patentpending controlled expansion technology to permit the ion exchange resin to safely swell without bursting as it scavenges acid and water. For more information, request brochure HLD-1. Hilco HP4 Portable is an inexpensive, heavy-duty ltration system for removing water and particulate...

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