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Auto Lok Differential - 2

The Hilliard Corporation has developed a new differential for the Lawn and Garden indus-try. The Auto-Lok Differential is used on the primary drive axle and replaces the limitedslip or open differential. It is easily incorporated into existing designs and is being offered as an off-the-shelf item for walk-behind equipment. > ? Equal power transferred to both wheelsregardless of traction ? Self-contained: No levers or mechanismsto engage or disengage ? Locks and unlocks automatically ? Improves steering and maneuverability ? Positive back drive through both wheels ? Compact design Hilliard...

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Auto Lok Differential - 3

Drive Wheel Drive WheelDrive Wheel Drive Wheel Auto-LokAuto-Lok Turning Left Turning Right Turning RightTurning Left >

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