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Innovations for heating

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hille/heim' Innovations for heating

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Hillesheim GmbH Am Haltepunkt 12 D-68753 Waghäusel Tel.: +49 7254 / 9256-0 E-Mail: Technical specifications in this catalogue may vary according to the state of development. Revision status: May 2018

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Company portrait Giving and conserving heat Welcome to Hillesheim GmbH Do you have problems to transfer liquid media or gases from A to B without temperature loss? Or do you want them to be heated up from temperature X to temperature Y? Heating and heat conservation: Competent, innovative and economical If you are looking for a technically and financially optimal solution for such tasks, then you should call on us. Because we deliver the accumulated know-how of over 35 years of application experience. Thousands of electrical heating systems that we have designed and manufactured (heating...

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© hille/heim' Are you looking for electrical heat tracing? We have the right product! For more than 35 years, we have been developing and manufacturing tailor-made electrical heating systems for our customers. Use our many years of experience and heat up with Hillesheim products - Made in Germany! Quality - Reliability - Promptness - Hillesheim

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2. Industrial heating hoses 3. Analytical heating hoses 4. Flexible trace heaters 5. Surface heating elements

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General technical data 4 General technical information and data for our heating heated hoses

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Description and structure of a Hillesheim heating hose Whenever hot and warm media have to be transported from a device to another part of the device or plant without heat loss and the lines are not intended be rigidly routed, flexible heating hoses are recommended as conveying elements. In most applications, it is necessary to maintain the product temperature at a predefined value. By using Hillesheim heating hoses, a constant temperature of the material conveyed is ensured through to the application site, without the material temperature being influenced by ambient temperatures and heat...

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Application examples Plastics processing Injection moulding Extrusion, Co-extruders Mould-making Adhesives and dosing systems Hot-melt equipment Adhesive robots Packaging equipment Dosing equipment Surface technology Bitumen plants Spray-coating plants Airless equipment Isolation technology Packaging foam equipment PUR foam equipment 2-component equipment 4-component equipment Process and environmental technology Exhaust gas stations Exhaust gas measurement technology Sampling probes Flue gas analytical Emission measurements Chemical thermal process engineering Heavy fuel oil systems...

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Electrical heating info

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Electrical heating info Plug connections: The plug connections on Hillesheim standard heating hoses are equipped with a plug compatible with one of our controllers. The HT43 temperature controller is provided with a round socket as standard. Please note that for unsupervised operation. there must be an additional safety device (limiter, temperature fuse...) fitted in the heating system. We can also supply our hoses without plugs for connecting the cable to terminals or for fitting to customer plugs. We use plug connectors from many well-known manufacturers. We can also fit their plugs on...

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Installation recommendations Along the lines of DIN 20066 Wrong Pulling on the ends of rolled hoses causes torsional stress and can subject them to bending radii smaller than is permissible. Hoses are not to be twisted. Remedy: unroll the ring of hose rather than pulling it off. Hose lines should be installed in such a manner that they are free of tensile stress in all operational states; similarly, jamming stress (i.e. axial compression along the length) on short lengths of hose is to be avoided. Axial compression due to incorrect installation or space-reducing motion degrades the hose's...

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Installation recommendations ausreichender Abstand Abrieb ausreichender Abstand Avoid twisting the hose when connecting it to moving parts, particularly when motion and bending take place in the same plane. This can be achieved through proper installation or design measures (e.g. swivel joint). The danger of kinking is particularly high for handheld devices. Remedy: Depending on the operating position, install a elbow or kink protection (e.g. corrugated hose). For installation in an arc, a hose length should be selected such that the intended bend can be formed beyond a length of ≈ 1.5 d0 ;...

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Installation recommendations Heat build-up will occur if heating hoses are routed through a closed channel or shaft. Remedy: hoses may not touch one another. Furthermore, sufficient ventilation is to be provided. If, for example, powder-like substances, adhesives or other thermally insulating materials accumulate on heating hoses, then overheating will occur at such points. Remedy: eliminate the cause with regular cleaning to remove such materials. Heat build-up is caused by incorrect wrapping of the heating hose with other materials. The heating hose will overheat at such points. If the...

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Protection type / protection class Protection types for electrical equipment according to EN 60529 Protection types against solid foreign objects, denoted by the first numeral * Note: The full diameter of the object probe must not pass through an opening of the enclosure

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Industrial heating hoses

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Industrial heating hoses Heating hose Sensor Outer protection    Fitting Pressure hoses 0 = polyamide standard braiding 1 = stainless steel braiding 2 = galv. steel braiding 3 = PA corrugated hose 4 = metal ring corr. hose 5 = textile glass braiding 6 = PU corrugated hose 7 = silicone outer skin 8 = rubber hose 0 = without 1 = DKR steel 2 = RSL/RSS steel 3 = DKR-V2 A 4 = RSL/RSS-V2 A 5 = DKR-V4 A 6 = RSL/RSS-V4 A 7 = DKJ steel 8 = DKL steel 9 = BDN steel Pressure hose Determination of the nominal length Rated power Watt/metre at 230 V ~ for standard heating hoses: Type Special power and...

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