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■ Post-processing Software Hi-Target adopts powerful technical strength to research and develop not only hardware but also software system including point cloud processing software, digital mapping software, 3D modeling software, 3D imaging software, database foundation software and so on. HD PtCloud Modeling ■ Supports different point cloud rendering mode and data viewing mode ■ Provides point cloud editing, cutting processing, arbitrary view single slice, multiple slice, and section management ■ Supports automatic fitting plane, line and cylinder, cylinder elbow, etc. ■ Supports third-party modeling software data importing and exporting ■ Specifications HbTARGET Surveying the World, Mapping the Future. Single laser Measurement Range Measurement Rate Distance Measurement Accuracy Scanning Angular Resolution Scanning Angle iView:    75 million pixels Panoramic Resolution HD PtCloud Vector AutoCAD&ArcGIS ■ Supports digital symbol mapping, point, line, face feature elements extracting ■ Provides map symbol library and user-defined map symbol ■ Provides point cloud rendering, editing, automatic filtering and density adjustment, System Measurement Accuracy Scan Rate Operating Temperature HSczinS Highly Integrated Solution 2cm@100m (with control points) / 5cm@100m (without control points) HD PtCloud StreetView ■ Supports quick editing site of adjacency relations, and establishes a panoramic site of topological relationships ■ Supports adding and editing panoramic jump direction message (road signs, etc.) ■ Supports extracting patched automatically, and supports indoor 3D patches occlusions detection automatically ■ Marks view point and interest points in the panorama, and displays real application mark information ■ Provides one-click publishing of real application HD MapCIoud RealVision ■ Smooth convenient navigation browsing and live jumping, zoom-in, zoom-out and moving. ■ Supports and 2D scenario map matching and small map joint jump scene ■ Supports choosing patches by mouse, and achieves jumping based on patches; supports measurement on the panoramic ■ Supports real-time loading text, images, audios, videos and other labeling information ■ Supports Android/IOS mobile terminal 3D imaging and browsing HD MapCIoud 3DVirtual ■ Supports loading seamless 3D model, supports the desktop with two kinds of virtual 3D browsing the Internet B/S mode ■ Provides convenient, immersive virtual 3D roaming browsing experience, and roaming browsing supports arbitrary Angle direction ■ Supports the first and the third person flight browsing mode ■ Supports 3D scene effect (sunny, rain, snow, fog, etc.) analog switch audio, video and other labeling information ■ Supports Android/IOS mobile terminal 3D imaging and browsing Hi-Target AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION PARTNER Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd ADD: Building 13, Tian'An Technology Zone HQ Center, No. 555, the North of Panyu RD, Panyu District, 511400 Guangzhou, China. TEL: +86-20-28688296 E-mail: info@hi-target.com.cn www.hi-target.com.cn

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Highly Integrated Solution HiScan-S an integrated, high-accuracy mobile mapping system, is easy and convenient to be mounted on cars, boats or other mobile carriers. HiScan can collect high accurate POS data, high-density 3D point cloud data and high-density panorama image data quickly on movement. HiScan-S mobile mapping system has been widely It creates database for vector map data, make 3D geographic data and produce street view data based on the data collected. HiScan integrated mobile mapping system has been widely used in 3D digital city, street view service, banding topographic...

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