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Hi-Target Product Catalog Brochure - 18 Pages

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Hi-Target Product Catalog Brochure

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AVAILABLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA HbTARGET PRODUCT CATALOG .. Hi-Target International Group Limited ADD: Building 13, Tian’An Technology Zone HQ Center, No. 555, the North of Panyu Rd., Panyu District, 511400, Guangzhou,China. TEL: +86 20 2288 3944 E-mail:

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Hi-Target International Group Limited act as the holding company for all investment, merger & acquisition in both branding and technology to ensure the Corporate vision of providing the best available solutions in the area of Geospatial Information Technology. It is our Corporate Goal and Vision to provide the best available complete solution to enhance our user interface and experience through our Research & Development investment as well as global partnership alliances to bring to our client the solutions to enhance their productivity in the field. Hi-Target International will continue to...

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New Generation RTK System • Benefiting from the next-generation GNSS engine, unlimited communication technology and innovative design, iRTK5, the high-quality scalable GNSS receiver, provides industry-leading GNSS RTK surveying solutions. Next-generation GNSS Engine With the full-wave GNSS antenna and the next-generation GNSS engine, it supports full constellation by 336 tracking channels, enhanced initialization speed and anti-noise performance. Hi-RTP™ Global PPP Service The Hi-Target Hi-RTP™ global correction service extends the correction source. Enables users to work in rural or remote...

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Compact Network RTK System • VI00 is an ultra-compact GNSS RTK receiver with exquisite design and structure. It has multi-frequency full constellation technology, dual-mode Bluetooth and NFC. Provide users with fast, efficient and reliable GNSS RTK surveying solutions. V60 Fully Integrated RTK System • As a classic GNSS RTK receiver, V60 is fully integrated and has comprehensive functions. Modularized and visualized design facilitates daily operation, it provides reliable and efficient application solutions for fieldwork. KEY FEATURES Intelligent Voice Assistance Multi-language voice...

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Model Picture Product Comparison iRTK5 VI00    V90 PLUS V60 Hi-Survey Road Survey Data Collection Software Sellite Signals BDS Tracking    galileo QZSS Cellular Mobile Communication Bluetooth Internal Radio • The Hi-Survey Road is an android software that is designed for all types of land survey and road engineering projects in the field. It is compatible with Hi-Target professional controllers, android phones, tablets and other third-party android devices. It is a sleek and easy-to-use software that supports the operating of big data with build-in tools. With customized industrial...

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HGO (Hi-Target Geomatics Office) High-precision GNSS Data Post-processing Software • The HGO is a software designed to store, manipulate, process, manage and present spatial data captured by the GNSS survey. It's a PC desktop software that covers complete and stable GNSS data post-processing related functional modules, including baseline processing, network adjustment and tool modules. Provide users with high quality solutions through a reliable and efficient data processing algorithm. Network Adjustment Further testing and optimizing the baseline vector processing results. Combined with...

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The Compact Precise Mini Total Station • Lightweight and smaller design enabling the user a better carrying experience while the shortcut trigger button improves the speed of operation. Total Station & Auto Level Product Specifications Angle Measure Distance Measurement Power Supply HT-32 Automatic Level Sensors Industry Level The Accurate and Credible Auto Level • Featuring a lightweight and easy-to-grasp compact design, the HT-32 is an air damping compensator; auto levelling provides durability and precision results for your surveying needs. KEY FEATURES Standard deviation for 1 km double...

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Qmini A5/A7 High-precision GIS Handheld • Compact and portable, the Qmlnl A5/A7 handheld Integrates a helical antenna and a high-precision GNSS RTK algorithm to provide users with a consumer-grade smartphone experience for GIS data collection in various industries. KEY FEATURES Android 6.0,2.0GHz 8 Core processor. Professional RTK engine with a high-precision algorithm. High performance spiral antenna. 5500mAh battery for 12 hours continuous operation. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Product Model With the development of smart cities, precision agriculture and data visualization, GIS technology...

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High-precision Rugged Tablet • The QpadXS is an industrial grade tablet designed for GIS industry applications. Combined with the high-precision positioning module, it can provide up to 2 cm accuracy of the RTK positioning for fieldwork solutions. Qbox 8 High-Precision GNSS Receiver for Mobile Works • Qbox 8 is a high-precision GNSS receiver with compact and exquisite design. Based on the Bluetooth connection, it can connect to any mobile device. Integrated with a professional RTK engine, measurements will be more efficient and reliable. KEY FEATURES Multi-solution high-precision...

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► Background With the continuous development of agricultural automation, precision agriculture and intelligent management have become a common need of farmers. GIS technology has gradually penetrated into agricultural applications such as crop planting, farmland boundary division and tree management. Decimeter-level GIS data acquisition solutions provide great convenience for farmers and managers. ► Implementation Users can hold the device directly or put it on the farm machinery. Do data collection, attribute entry, layer management and information query of land objects with professional...

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CORS • The Hi-Target CORS is a flexible and adaptable reference system that offers a precision position correction service for multiple industry applications with accuracy from sub-meter to centimeter. This kind of service is ideal for land surveying, maritime transport, geological earthquake monitoring, city administration and loT, whether for temporary or long-term usage. • Hi-RTP is a high-precision satellite-based enhanced differential positioning service with global coverage. Using global uniform distribution with a ground-tracking network to generate high-precision real-time satellite...

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