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A World of Composite Technologies - 1

HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexForce® Reinforcements HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements HexPly® Prepregs Polyspeed® Laminates & Pultruded Profiles Modipur® Polyurethane HexBond™Adhesives HexMC®-i Molding Composite HexWeb® Honeycomb Core HexWeb® Engineered Core HexAM™ Additive Manufacturing

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A World of Composite Technologies - 2

Redefining Structural Materials Hexcel has been at the forefront of composites technology for more than 70 years, working as a partner with our customers to create innovative, high performance solutions. We draw strength from our heritage – and continue the pioneering spirit by developing new and improved products to support and anticipate customer requirements. Hexcel offers an unmatched breadth and depth of products and services to the composites industry. We manufacture the full spectrum of advanced material solutions including fiber, fabrics, resin formulation, thermosetting prepregs,...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 3

Energy, Automotive, Marine, Recreation 6-7 Fibers & Reinforcements HexTow® carbon fiber 8 HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements 10 Prepregs & Resins HexFlow® infusion resins 13 Polyspeed® laminates & pultruded profiles 13 HexMC®-i molding materials 14 HexBond™ adhesives HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® sound attenuating honeycomb 16 HexWeb® engineered core 17 HexShield™ heat resistant material 17 HexTool® tooling material Parts & Structures Polyspeed® laminates & pultruded profiles Hexcel engineered products HexAM™ additive manufacturing Interference Control

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A World of Composite Technologies - 4

Commercial Aerospace Hexcel has the greatest number of aerospace qualified products of any composite materials manufacturer worldwide. We are a major supplier of advanced composites for primary and secondary structures and aircraft interiors. We are a leader in advanced composites for new generation engines. Hexcel’s advanced composite materials bring great benefits to aircraft design. They save weight and reduce fuel consumption, increase payload, extend flight range, enhance toughness and durability, optimize design, reduce part count, decrease maintenance cost and maximize passenger...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 5

Hexcel is a leader in the Space & Defense market, primarily in the manufacture of advanced composites used in commercial helicopters and in military aircraft. We are currently qualified to supply materials to a broad range of more than 100 helicopter, military aircraft and space programs. Hexcel’s advanced materials advance key defense programs including the F-35 Lightning II, Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion, V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft, UH-60M Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, A400M military transport, European Fighter Aircraft (Typhoon), F/A-18E/F Hornet, Rafale fighter jet, and NH90. The...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 6

Hexcel’s Industrial business focuses on three key performance-driven market segments: Energy, Automotive and other specialty areas with focus on Sports & Leisure and Marine. As wind blades have increased in size to power more efficient turbines, and car designers are challenged with driving down CO2 emissions, lightweighting has become a priority. Hexcel’s products are driving weight reduction and promoting greater manufacturing efficiencies in support of these trends. Energy Hexcel has supported wind turbine production worldwide for more than 25 years with excellent know-how in composite...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 7

Hexcel offers automotive engineers a number of cost-effective composite solutions to meet their demanding targets for weight reduction, performance efficiency, design improvements, series production and aesthetic appearance. Hexcel’s fiber-reinforcements, non-crimp fabrics, molding compounds and fast curing prepregs are optimized for automotive body and interiors, structural parts, and suspension parts. Our outstanding material solutions and decades of experience are enhanced by dedicated R&T and a Technical Support team that is ready to work in partnership with customers to ensure the best...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 8

HexTow® carbon fiber The resulting carbon fiber is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and as stiff as titanium. HexTow® carbon fiber can be supplied in two forms: continuous fiber and chopped fiber. Continuous Carbon Fiber Continuous fiber can be combined with all thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems. They are used for weaving, braiding, filament winding applications, unidirectional tapes for ATL and AFP processes and prepreg tow for fiber placement. • Stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum & as stiff as titanium • High strength • High strain • PAN-based fiber • Successive...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 9

HexForce® reinforcements HexForce® woven fabric range is the most complete line of reinforcements for aerospace and industrial markets. They are available in a range of weave styles, fibers, and areal weights - the selection of which depends on several criteria including the required mechanical properties, visual aesthetics, drapeability, and resin impregnation. HexForce® standard reinforcements provide strength and stiffness in the 0 and 90 direction, HexForce® Unidirectional reinforcements provide strength and stiffness in the 0 direction only, and HexForce® Bias Weave reinforcements...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 10

HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements HiMax® multiaxial fabrics also known as non-crimp fabrics are layers of unidirectional fiber that are assembled and stitched together. They provide strength and stiffness in multiple directions depending on the controlled orientation of the fibers. The range includes Biaxial, Triaxial, and Quadraxial. These reinforcements provide composites with stiffness and strength and are key products for many industrial markets. The non-crimp concept allows in-plane mechanical properties to be enhanced, such as tension and flexion. In a complex lay-up, there is less...

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A World of Composite Technologies - 11

HiTape® innovative high-performance dry unidirectional reinforcements are designed to meet the requirements of Aircraft primary structures made by cost-effective out-of-autoclave (OOA) technologies such as vacuum infusion or injection. HiTape® allows dry preforms to be manufactured in a fully automated lay-up, similar to the AFP and ATL processes widely used for UD prepregs. The tight width tolerance of HiTape® reinforcements give total control of the automated dry preform process - making them a waste-free operation, even for complex structures, as the materials are placed exactly where...

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