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180 C epoxy system for Resin Transfer Mouldii monocomponent system Product Data HexFlow® RTM 6 is a monocomponent resin already degassed, specifically developed to fulfil the requirements of the aerospace and space industries in advanced resin transfer moulding (RTM) process HexFlow® RTM 6 is a premixed epoxy system for service temperatures from -60°C up to 180°C (-75°F up to 350°F). At room temperature, it is a brown translucid paste but its viscosity decreases quickly by increasing ■ Already degassed. Ready for use ■ High glass transition temperature ■ Excellent hot/wet properties ■ Easy to process (low injection pressure) ■ Long injection window < 150 min at recommended injection temp ■ Short, simple cure cycles HexFlow® RTM 6 resin is available with a wide range of Injectex®, HexForce® and multiaxials (carbon, glass aramid, hybrid) ■ Shelf Life @ 23°C 15 days maximum ■ Guaranteed Shelf Life @-18°C 9 months Typical Resin Properties

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RTM 6 - 2

Viscosity Profile Viscosity (mPa.s) HexFlow® RTM 6 Isothermal viscosity Viscosity for a standard injection cycle Glass Transition Temperature Log E' (Pa) Comparison dry/wet (14 days in water/70°C) Viscosity evolution versus storage time at 80°C Initial viscosity 120°C (mPa.s) Viscosity after 2h at 120°C (mPa.s)

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RTM 6 - 3

180°C epoxy system for Resin Transfer Moulding monocomponent system Time (days) (14 days in water/70°C) Neat Resin Properties Tensile Standard specifications Uncured resin density: Cured resin density: Fracture toughness (G1C /ASTM E399): Properties on Composite Laminate Composition of the laminate: Injectex® G0926: 5H Satin weave of 370g/m2, HR 6K Epoxy powdered fabric Fibre volume fraction: 57% HexFlow® RTM 6 resin Injection pressure of 1 bar + vacuum in mould Cure cycle 75 min at 160°C Post-cure cycle 120 min at 180°C (1°C/min) Dry/RT Properties Tensile Warp Compression Warp Standard...

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RTM 6 - 4

HexFlow® RTM 6 Product Data Wet/80°C Properties Tensile Warp Compression Warp Strength (MPa) Modulus (GPa) Standard specifications Process Specification Injection: ! Preheat resin at 80°C ! Preheat the mould at 120°C ! Inject the resin (80°C) under vacuum/low pressure (1 to 3 bar) Standard Cure and Post-cure Cycle Cure in mould: Free standing post-cure: Cure Cycle Possibilities Cycle No.1 DMA dry Glass Transition Tan # onset Tan # max Moisture weight gain 14 days at 70°C DMA wet Glass Transition Tan # onset Tan # max Important All information is believed to be accurate but is given without...

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