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Redux® & HexBond™ Adhesives Selector Guide Providing practical and economical solutions for joining composites and metal.

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Hexcel’s adhesives have been used in the composites industry for over 70 years They have achieved worldwide acclaim for aerospace and industrial bonding They are an efficient method of joining component pieces quickly and Redux® and HexBond™ Film Adhesives, Foaming Films, Primers and Liquid Shims Hexcel formulates and manufactures a comprehensive range of structural film adhesives, foaming adhesive films, paste adhesives, liquid shims and primers for aerospace and industrial markets. Redux® and HexBond™ Film Adhesives Epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI) adhesives are supplied in film form on a...

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The comprehensive range of Redux® and HexBond™ adhesives are suitable for many different applications. The first stage of design for bonding is the selection of the most suitable adhesive. This selector guide gives a summary of the main properties of the standard adhesive range. Generic Type Hexcel film adhesives are supplied in two generic types: 1. Epoxy - giving higher strengths, toughness and temperature resistance up to 200°C (390°F). 2. Bismaleimide - giving good performance at even higher temperature resistance up to 230°C (450°F). Maximum Service Temperature The temperature at...

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Ideal for industrial bonding applications such as: building panels, rail carriage doors, flooring partitions. Flexible cure cycle from 100 - 150°C to (212 - 300°F).

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Widely qualified for space applications

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Typical Aerospace Applications Hexcel is the preferred supplier of composite materials to the civil aerospace industry with materials present in virtually every commercial aircraft currently built in the western world. Primary Structures landing gear doors ¥¥ Trailing edge upper and lower panels ¥¥ Main and centre landing gear doors ¥¥ Pylon fairings and nacelles ¥¥ Belly fairing panels ¥¥ Spoilers/flaps/ailerons ¥¥ Horizontal (HTP) and vertical (VTP) stabilizer ¥¥ Radome panels stowage bins ¥¥ Wall partitions ¥¥ Lavatory ¥¥ Wardrobes ¥¥ Ceiling panels ¥¥ Sidewalls ¥¥ Overhead Typical...

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Hexcel Product Family HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexFlow® Resins HexMC® Molding Composite HexForce® Reinforcements Polyspeed® Laminates HexWeb® Honeycomb Core HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements Modipur® Polyurethane HexWeb® Engineered Core HexPly® Prepregs Redux® & HexBond™ Adhesives HexTool® Tooling Material HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and industrial markets. Our comprehensive range includes: ¥¥ HexTow® carbon fibers ® ¥¥ HexForce reinforcements ¥¥ HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements ¥¥ HexPly®...

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