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Redux® 100 series Surface pretreatment protection solutions Product Data Description The Redux 100 series is a range of resin solutions used for protecting light alloy surfaces that have been pretreated for bonding and are to be stored temporarily before bonding is completed. A thin coating of solution applied to freshly pretreated and dried surfaces loses solvent rapidly at room temperature, sealing the surfaces from the atmosphere and protecting them from loss of pretreatment quality for storage periods of up to 3 months. The Redux 100 series is intended for use with associated Redux film adhesives, as listed below. When used with the corresponding Redux adhesive, the surface pretreatment protection does not need to be removed or cured prior to bonding. Pretreatment Protection Corresponding Adhesive Instructions for Use Pretreatment Joint surfaces should be prepared for bonding in accordance with the adhesive to be used. Pretreatment must be completed and the surfaces totally dry before the Redux 100 series solution is applied. For more information refer to the Redux Bonding Technology Brochure. Application A well ventilated spraying booth should be used when applying primers. When the surfaces have dried, apply the Redux 100 series solution. The most efficient and economical method of applying the solution is by spraying. Apply a light continuous coating, ensuring total coverage of the area to be protected, without producing a pronounced color. Do not apply too much solution. A thick coating may cause a reduction in the strength of the bond by preventing proper evaporation of solvents in the solution nearest to the metal surface layer. If the solution is applied by brush or roller, extra care is needed to avoid this.

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Redux 100 series Coverage When sprayed, 2.2 lb of Redux surface pretreatment protection solution should cover at least 215 ft2 (Redux 112) or 323 ft2 (Redux 119, 122) of pretreated light alloy surface. The weight of this coating when dried is approximately 0.001 psf — limits: 000.4 to 0.0025 psf. Spray application tests carried out with a De Villbiss suction feed cup spray gun type JGA show that the best results are obtained by using: spray gun GFG -HVLP fluid tip G air cap Model No. 35L spraying pressure 30 psi Drying Coated parts should be allowed to dry thoroughly in a well ventilated...

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Surface pretreatment protection solutions Storage Redux 100 series solutions should be stored in their original unopened containers at the temperatures indicated in the table below. This table also indicates storage life, and additional out-life per product: Pretreatment Protection Shelf-Life at storage temp. (months) Additional out life at room temperature (days) Handling and Safety Precautions The Redux 100 series is formulated from well-established industrial products and may be handled with confidence provided normal precautions for handling chemical materials are followed. Flammability...

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Redux 100 series Release Certification The Quality System at Hexcel Duxford has been certified to ISO 9001 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, and is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defence. Certificates of Conformity and Test Reports can be issued for batches of Redux 100 series on request. Important All information is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability. Users should make their own assessment of the suitability of any product for the purposes required. All sales are made subject to our standard terms of sale which include...

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