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4 HexWeb® Honeycombs 4 Hexply® Prepregs 5 HexForce® Engineered Fabrics 5 Redux® Adhesives Hexcel’s composite Materials for the Rail Indus

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Redux® Adhesives HexForce Engineered Fabrics ® About Hexcel Composite materials were rst used in the railway industry back in the 1970’s, when Hexcel supplied honeycomb, adhesives and bre-reinforced plastic materials for use in train ceilings, oors and doors. These early composite components were tted into French, Italian, British and Austrian urban trains, as well as the metro systems of London, Lille and Hong Kong. In the past 30 years, Hexcel has developed a wider range of composite materials, specically to meet the requirements of the rail industry. The applications have diversied...

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HexWeb® Honeycombs For improved bonding and higher shear loading than foams HexForce® Engineered Fabrics HRH78/A10 Phenolic dipped Nomex honeycomb for low weight and fire resistance. CRIII .Aluminium honeycomb for energy absorption and low-weight panels. HexPly® Prepregs Replacing noxious wet lay-up systems M9-M10 83°C curing epoxy system, suitable for fishplates and bogies. M34 73°C curing system. I lalogen free, fire resistant, suitable for end cabs, and other large structures. 250 CB Phenolic prepreg. lure- resistant. 3K. 6K, 12K carbon woven fabrics. Glass fabrics (from 25 lo 600...

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Why use Composites in Trains, Trams and Metros ? • Rapid construction Lightweight, modular interiors are easy to handle and install, providing manhour savings. • High stiffness and strength Composites are durable, providing excellent fatigue, impact and environmental resistance. The noncorrosive materials reduce maintenance costs. Structural composites require little (if any) supporting framework, and carry fittings readily. Passenger room increases, while internal noise reduces. • Weight savings Weight savings enable higher speeds to be attained, reduce power consumption and acceleration...

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Italy Piazza Alcide De Gasperi, 32 21047 Saronno (VA) Tel: 39 02 96709082 Fax: 39 02 9600809 Japan 4F Yokohama YS Nishiguchi Bldg 2-25-1 Tsuruya-cho Malaysia Hexcel Composites Sdn Bhd Wisma Samudra, Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Hicom - Glenmarie Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel: +60 3 5569 3510, Fax: +60 3 5569 3460 Globat Manufacturing and Sales Offices '***1 Telephone and fax numbers include country codes in bold, which should be oniiued for national dialling, fair imcmamm.d trails, prefix with mlcmarkirKd arefss oh!** .and imiii unv bracketim! numirH'rsi....

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