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Polyspeed®Laminates PolvSpeed epoxy laminates are ideal wherever right, strong, durable materialS'are3needed to resist high stresses and stra,ns , l t ’ I * *■

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Polyspeed®Laminates • Light, strong and durable to resist high stresses and strains • Shortens and facilitates manufacturing • Reduce exotherms • Wide range of varieties suitable for different demands and applications Providing the lightness and strength of fiber-reinforced epoxies, Polyspeed® epoxy laminates are used in the manufacturing of winter sports and leisure equipment, wind turbine blades, automotive and many other industrial applications. Wherever wet lay-up, prepregs, and infusion technologies are applied the additional use or replacement by Polyspeed® laminates helps to: •...

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This table provides a basic overview of the Polyspeed® laminate characteristics. Our sales team and technical support will help you to determine the suitable material according to your individual requirements, e.g. (thermo) mechanical properties, tensile strength, resistance against environmental influences (UV, water, chemicals..), etc. It is also possible to make a combination of both glass and carbon fibers. Polyspeed® laminates can be delivered as rolls or sheets. The maximum roll length is 250 meter, and width from 38 to 1200 mm. The maximum length of sheets is 2500 mm. In order to...

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Hexcel Product Family HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexFlow® Resins HexMC® Molding Composite HexForce® Reinforcements Polyspeed® Laminates HexWeb® Honeycomb Core HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements Modipur® Polyurethane HexWeb® Engineered Core HexPly® Prepregs Redux® Adhesives HexTool® Tooling Material HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and industrial markets. Our comprehensive range includes: ¥¥ HexTow® carbon fibers ® ¥¥ HexForce reinforcements ¥¥ HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements ¥¥ HexPly® prepregs molding...

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