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Multiaxial Reinforcements HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements, or non-crimp fabrics (NCF), are made up of multiple plies of parallel fibres, each laying in a different orientation or axis which allows manufacturers to process multiple layers of unidirectional fibres in a single fabric. Lamborghini chose HiMax™ carbon multiaxial fabrics to reinforce its carbon super

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Engineered Composite Reinforcements Hexcel Reinforcements UK Ltd (formerly Formax) is a world leader in the supply of composite reinforcements, specialising in the production of ultra lightweight carbon fibre multiaxials and highly engineered glass fibres for the Automotive, Wind, Marine, Sports and Industrial markets. Our goal is to deliver materials of the highest quality, specifically tailored for each unique application and customer requirement. Through continuous investment in product development and research technology, HiMax™ fabrics are lighter, stronger and cost effective. Our...

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Trusted technology All Hexcel Reinforcements UK manufacturing processes adhere to ISO 9001 standards and our entire range of carbon multiaxial fabrics have been accredited with the renowned DNV qualification. Our customers can be assured they are purchasing the highest quality reinforcements available. Production Capabilities Hexcel has an impressive range of specialist equipment and processing capabilities at its Leicester, UK manufacturing plant. Climate controlled production areas accommodate our machines that run glass and carbon lines 24/7 to support our customers’ ever expanding...

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Products Carbon Multiaxials Available in a range of fibre types from 3k to 50k including PAN and Pitch fibres. Fabric weights from 50gsm up to 1600gsm can be produced with fabric widths from 25mm through to 1600mm. ¥¥ Unidirectionals, (Stitched, Heat Set Woven, Infusion and Bonded) ¥¥ +/- 22 Biaxials, (Standard and Lightweight) ¥¥ +/- 60 lightweight carbon multiaxials in 75gsm ¥¥ +/- 45 Biaxials, (Standard, Ultra lightweight, High Drape and Hybrid) ¥¥ 0/90 Biaxials, Triaxials, and Quadraxials. (Standard, Unbalanced, Heavyweight, Warp, Weft and Hybrid) Glass Multiaxials Available in a range...

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Sustainability In Manufacturing For all manufacturers, there is a percentage of waste inherent in the production of multiaxial fabrics. At our UK production facility, this waste amounts to under 7% of its total output. Whilst this percentage is low, recycling remains high on our agenda. We promote sustainable manufacturing methods wherever possible from a position of environmental responsibility and also in commercial terms. The creation of our new Recycling Division has allowed us to devote considerable resource into optimizing products for these processes and the installation of bespoke...

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A Global Approach WIND ENERGY CHINA NORTH AMERICA MIDDLE EAST LATIN AMERICA Hexcel Reinforcements UK Ltd is a trusted supplier worldwide. With short lead times and low minimum order quantities, we offer our customers complete flexibility wherever they are located. For more information contact us at: Hexcel Reinforcements UK Ltd Cutters Close Narborough Leicester, UK LE19 2FZ T: +44(0) 1162 752 200 F: +44(0) 1162 841 912 E: HRUK@hexcel.com For other worldwide Hexcel sales office telephone numbers and a full address list, please go to: ©2016 Hexcel Corporation – All rights reserved. Hexcel...

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