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HexWeb® EC Engineered Core With advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques, flat core is formed, shaped, machined and/or bonded into engineered core to create high quality core details and assemblies to precise customer specifications.

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HexWeb® EC Engineered Core High quality components ¥¥ Precise dimensional tolerances ¥¥ Fewer manufacturing stages and processes ¥¥ Dedicated technical support from HexWeb® EC experts ¥¥ If you have a concept, HexWeb® EC can give it form. Simply put, HexWeb® EC starts with standard blocks and slices of honeycomb, also known as core. This lightweight material adds stiffness and strength when used as a material in sandwich structures. The core can be formed, shaped, machined and bonded using advanced, computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to achieve a core that meets specialized...

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The World’s Leading Experts in Engineered Core Industry Leader ¥¥ Our facilities feature the equipment and manufacturing systems to handle the most complex production requirements. ¥¥ Our engineering and production staff has the experience, organizational structure and systems in place to manage and support your program. ¥¥ Our products are widely used in both commercial and military aircraft. offer the highest value at competitive costs. HexWeb® EC Includes: ¥¥ Core splicing ¥¥ Core potting ¥¥ Foam filling ¥¥ Septumization ¥¥ Core stabilization ¥¥ Expertise and experience with all core...

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The cowling and fan duct sections surrounding a modern high-bypass airplane turbine engine are collectively referred to as the nacelle. The center image shows a nacelle cowl assembly. Honeycomb is used throughout the nacelle’s construction, providing support that withstands vibration, high temperatures and offers sound attenuation.

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HexWeb® EC Manufacturing These six steps illustrate how HexWeb® EC techniques are used in the manufacturing of a typical engine nacelle. Step 1 - CATIA The process begins with customer-supplied CATIA (Computer-Aided ThreeDimensional Interactive Applications) 3-D models or IGES data. Hexcel combines these CAD designs with our 5-axis CNC expertise and extensive knowledge of honeycomb core products to manufacture complex honeycomb structures meeting critical customer requirements. CATIA is compatible with all CAD systems, such as UGII, ProE and Cadds 4X through IGES translation. Step 2 - Raw...

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HexWeb® EC employs a range of techniques. Four of the most common are illustrated here. (Others are described on page 1) CNC Machining Computer Numerical Controlled processing allows precise cutting of honeycomb parts in the right size and shape for any project. Having Hexcel produce your HexWeb® EC parts can actually make your company more productive by eliminating the need to invest in core processing equipment, facilities and staff. Instead, your company is free to deploy its resources elsewhere, and you can concentrate on your strategic manufacturing competencies. Your company can also...

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The Best Partner in Engineered Core Hexcel’s Engineered Products team specializes in the manufacture of structural HexWeb® honeycomb components and finished composite structures for the aircraft market. Contact us to benefit from the capabilities, experience and resources of three world-class manufacturing facilities. HexWeb® EC Locations: Pottsville, Pennsylvania 172 Industrial Park Road Pottsville, PA 17970 USA 570.429.1741 Burlington, Washington 15062 Steele Road Burlington, WA 98233 USA 360.757.7212 Welkenraedt, Belgium Rue Trois Bourdons, 54 B-4840 Welkenraedt 32.87.307.411 If you’re...

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Hexcel Product Family HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexFlow® Resins HexMC® Molding Composite HexForce® Reinforcements Polyspeed® Laminates HexWeb® Honeycomb Core HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements Modipur® Polyurethane HexWeb® Engineered Core HexPly® Prepregs Redux® Adhesives HexTool® Tooling Material HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and industrial markets. Our comprehensive range includes: ¥¥ HexTow® carbon fibers ® ¥¥ HexForce reinforcements ¥¥ HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements ¥¥ HexPly® prepregs molding...

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