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HexWeb Acousti-Cap ® ® JEC Innovation Award-winning HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® is Hexcel’s broadband sound-reducing honeycomb – enabling engine designers to achieve superior acoustical performance without a structural weight penalty.

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Hexcel’s innovative seaming technology delivers a “spliceless” part. NEW Aluminum HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® Non-Metallic HexWeb® Acousti-Cap®

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HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® enables aircraft engine designers to achieve superior acoustical performance, including dramatic noise reduction during take off and landing, without a structural weight penalty. This marks an improvement on current technology, which requires tradeoffs between weight and noise reduction. Acousti-Cap® consists of a non-metallic permeable cap material embedded into an honeycomb core to create an acoustic septum. Hexcel’s customers specify the ow resistance characteristics they want in the product, as well as overall core thickness, numbers of caps in...

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Hexcel Corporation, based in Stamford, Connecticut is a leading advanced structural materials company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance reinforcement products, composite materials and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense, and industrial applications. Hexcel has ofces and manufacturing plants around the world. Important: Hexcel Corporation believes, in good faith, that the technical data and other information provided herein is materially accurate as of the date this document is prepared. Hexcel reserves the right to...

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