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HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexTow® carbon fiber is the preferred carbon fiber for the world’s most advanced aerospace and industrial composite application

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• Stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum & as stiff as titanium • High strength • High strain • PAN based fiber • Successive surface treatment to improve bonding • Sizing to improve handleability embrace the exploration of new ideas, to challenge the impossible and succeed beyond expectations. We have been pioneers at the forefront of the composites industry for over 50 years and will continue to pave the way for the future. HexTow® carbon fiber The primary building blocks for carbon fiber composite materials begin with Hexcel’s HexTow® carbon fiber which is the preferred carbon fiber...

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The HexTow®1 HM63 fiber is ideal for high stiffness and high strength applications such as space, satellite, UAV, commercial aerospace, helicopters as well as premium sports and recreation applications such as Formula 1, marine, bikes, and fishing rods. HexTow® Carbon Fiber Continuous fiber can be combined with all thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems. They are used for weaving, braiding, filament winding applications, unidirectional tapes for ATL and AFP processes and prepreg tow for fiber placement. Hexcel’s IM fibers have become an industry standard, particularly the HexTow® IM7...

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HexTow - 4

* Compatibility with these Matrices is considered theoretically compatible. Hexcel cannot guarantee their results.

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HexTow - 5

Recommended Storage and Shelf Life The inherent properties of Hexcel’s unsized carbon fiber include: • Tow Tensile Strength • Tow Tensile Modulus • Tow Tensile Elongation • Fiber Density • Mass per Unit Length (yield) To enable consumer processing of carbon fiber, proprietary sizing agents are typically applied by Hexcel, such as G, GP, and GS Sizes. It has been found that the original processing characteristics of G Sized carbon fiber will essentially remain constant for at least one year from the date of manufacture while GP and GS Sized carbon fibers will essentially remain constant for...

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HexTow - 6

as machine parts, gears and chemical valves. The finished products exhibit high strength and modulus, excellent fatigue and creep resistance, low thermal expansion, electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent friction and wear resistance, and low shrinkage. HexTow®, PAN based carbon fiber is available in 1/4 inch chopped fiber lengths, sized for compatibility with various resin matrix systems and processes. The chopped product is small, thin, rectangular flake, 1/4 inch long by 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide. The individual filaments are lightly held together by the sizing and will break apart...

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HexTow - 7

AFL Automated fiber layup ATL Automated tape layup AS Standard modulus fiber in the 33 Msi to 38 Msi range Filament The individual threads in a tow. Filaments can vary in diameter. Flexural Modulus: A number referring to a material’s stiffness. It is used to calculate how far a bar will bend when a bending load is applied. Units are normally millions of pounds per square inch. (106 psi) - Giga Pascals (gPa). In two materials of equal thickness, the one with a higher number is more resistant to deflection. Flexural Strength: Also known as bending strength. Describes how much non-moving load...

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HexTow - 8

Hexcel Product Family HexTow® Carbon Fiber HexFlow® Resins HexMC® Molding Composite HexForce® Reinforcements Polyspeed® Laminates HexWeb® Honeycomb Core HiTape® Advanced Reinforcements Modipur® Polyurethane HexWeb® Engineered Core HexPly® Prepregs Redux® & Hexbond™ Adhesives HexTool® Tooling Material HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and industrial markets. Our comprehensive range includes: HexTow® carbon fibers ¥¥HexForce® reinforcements ¥¥HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements ¥¥HexPly® prepregs ¥¥...

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