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HexTow® IM2A Carbon Fiber Product Data Sheet HexTow® IM2A carbon fiber is a continuous, high performance, intermediate modulus, PAN based fiber available in 12,000 (12K) filament count tows. This fiber has been surface treated and can be sized to improve its interlaminar shear properties, handling characteristics, and structural properties. It is suggested for use in prepregging, filament winding, braiding, and pultrusion. The unique properties of HexTow® IM2A fiber, such as higher tensile strength and modulus, as well as good shear strength, allow structural designers to achieve both higher safety margins for both stiffness and strength critical applications. Typical Fiber Properties Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus (Chord 6000-1000) Ultimate Elongation at Failure Density Weight/Length (12K) Approximate Yield (12K) Tow Cross-Sectional Area (12K) Filament Diameter Carbon Content Twist Carbon Fiber Certification This carbon fiber is manufactured to Hexcel industrial specification HS-CP-3000. A copy of this specification is available upon request. A Certification of Conformance will be provided with each shipment.. Available Sizing Sizing compatible with various resin systems, based on application are available to improve handling characteristics and structural properties. Please see additional information on available Sizes on our website or contact our technical team for additional information. Packaging Standard packaging of HexTow® IM2A is as follows: Filament Count Nominal Weight Nominal Length Other package sizes may be available on request. The fiber is wound on a 3-inch ID by 11-inch long cardboard tube and overwrapped with plastic film. Safety Information Obtain, read, and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use of this product. Copyright © 2015 – Hexcel Corporation – All Rights Reserved. All trademarks herein are property of Hexcel Corporation.

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HexTow® IM2A carbon fiber Product Data Sheet For more information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and other demanding industries. Our comprehensive product range includes: Carbon Fiber ¥¥RTM Materials ¥¥Honeycomb Cores ¥¥Carbon, Glass, Aramid and Hybrid Prepregs ¥¥Structural Film Adhesives ¥¥Honeycomb Sandwich Panels ¥¥Special Process Honeycombs ¥¥Reinforced Fabrics For US quotes, orders and product information call toll-free 1-866-556-2662 and 1-800-987-0658. For other worldwide sales office telephone numbers and a full address list, please go to:...

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