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HEXTOOL® M61 - 1

HexTOOLٙ Tooling Compound is randomly layered strips of uni-directional prepreg which is consolidated into rolled goods. It can be utilized as multi-ply quasi-isotropic hand lay-up, and subsequently CNC milled to close tolerance. HexTOOL has proved to be dimensionally stable with the ability to hold vacuum integrity before and after machining, and after more than 500 part cure cycles. Fabricated from Hexcelْs BMI resin HexPly > M61, HexTOOLΙ tools are ideally suited for 356˚F (180˚C) cure carbon fiber tools. This makes them lighter weight, more energy efficient than tools made of steel or Invar > , and more cost-effective with tighter mold tolerance than standard composites. > Ability to machine tool surface without distortion permitting the manufacture of tools with complex shapes and tight tolerances Lighter weight compared to metal tooling allowing easier handling and reduced infrastructure investment Faster heat-up and cool-down rates relative to metal tools facilitating reduced production costs Reparability and potential for modification of tool dimensions following engineering changes Formulated to withstand several hundred autoclave cycles at 356ΰF (180C) Coefficient of thermal expansion to match carbon/epoxy Vacuum integrity following machining Rapid material deposition as HexTOOLЙ is much thicker than standard composite tooling prepregs > Copyright Hexcel Corporation ɮ Invar is a trademark of IMPHY S.A. Corporation. Chemlease is a trademark of Chemtrend, a brand of Freudenberg Group. ή HexPly, Hexcel, and the Hexcel logo are registered trademarks of Hexcel Corporation, Stamford, Connecticut. size="-1">

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HEXTOOL® M61 - 2

Property Value Comment Nominal Resin Content 38% by weight Nominal Bundle Size (Prepreg Strip Size) 0.315 in. x 1.97 in. (8.0 mm x 50 mm) > 2 (2000 g/m > 2 ) 0.81 lbs/ft Nominal HexTOOL ٙ Ply Areal Weight 0.41 lbs/ft > 2 (4000 g/m > 2 ) Specific Gravity 1.55 Autoclave Work Life at 70F (21ںC) 20 days Storage Life 12 months 0F (-18ںC or below) > Property Value Comment Cured Ply Thickness: HexTOOL M61 (2000) HexTOOL ٙ M61 (4000) 0.05 in.(1.27 mm) 0.10 in.(2.54 mm) Based on nominal prepreg properties Tg Postcured 527F (275ںC) Dry Maximum Use Temperature 425F (218ںC) Coefficient of Linear...

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HEXTOOL® M61 - 3

Specific cure cycles [temperature, pressure (amount and application of)] depend on autoclave type and dimensions, the extent and type of tooling used and the size and complexity of the lay-up. Please contact your local Hexcel T echnical Support for consultation prior to cycle definition. The following cycles are typical for HexTOOLM61. > Part must be fully thermocoupled prior to the start of the cure cycle (ref. HexTOOL User Guide); deviations from recommended thermocoupling procedure or from recommended cure cycle may result in unacceptable part quality. Establish 25 in. Hg vacuum on part...

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