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80°C - 160°C curing epoxy matrix Product Data HexPly® M77 is a formulated epoxy resin matrix, specifically designed for prepreg applications and short cure cycles. It is a very versatile matrix, allowing a range of processing temperatures from 80°C up to 160°C. HexPly® M77 is based on a modified epoxy resin. It can be pre-impregnated into carbon, glass or aramide fibres and exhibits a significant long out-life at room temperature. ■ High toughened epoxy ■ Excellent tack life ■ Suitable for a range of pressures (1 to 10 bar) ■ Short cure cycle at 120 - 160°C ■ Good surface finish ■ Medium tack and excellent drapability ■ Controlled flow for ease of processing ■ Long out-life at room temperature Resin Matrix Properties

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Heating Rate [°C/min]

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HexPly® M77 Curing Conditions The ideal cure cycle is 7 min at 120°C and at a pressure >5bar . Alternative cure cycles can be used: Temperature 80 °C 90 °C 100 °C 110 °C 120 °C 130 °C 140 °C 150 °C 160 °C Prepreg Types and Cured Prepreg Mechanical Properties Mechanical Properties are based on 130 °C cure for 10 min, at 5 bar pressure. Reinforcement Prepreg data Mechanical data Fabric Direction

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HexPly® M77 Storage and Handling n Shelf Life¹: n Out Life²: 18 months 6 weeks (42 days) Shelf Life: the maximum storage life for HexPly® prepreg, upon receipt by the customer, when stored continuously, in a sealed moisture-proof bag, at -18°C/0°F. To accurately establish the exact expiry date, consult the box label. Out Life: the maximum accumulated time allowed at room temperature between removal from the freezer and cure. Prepreg should be stored as received in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator. After removal from refrigerator storage, prepreg should be allowed to reach room...

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