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HexPly® M19.1/M19.6 80 – 160 °C curing epoxy matrix Product Datasheet Description HexPly® M19.1/M19.6 is a formulated epoxy resin which is suitable for low pressure moulding processes. It is very versatile and allows a range of processing temperatures from 80 °C up to 160 °C. HexPly® M19.1/M19.6 can be used for very large industrial components subjected to severe environmental conditions. The HexPly® M19 range of prepregs are designed for Industrial applications where a greater control of adiabatic heat build up (exotherm) is required in order to reduce dwell phases during the cure cycle. HexPly® M19 overcomes this by providing a reduced exotherm matrix system which allows for higher temperature dwell phases to be used for a shorter length of time whilst at the same time limiting the maximum temperature observed during the exotherm. HexPly® M19.1/M19.6 has high fatigue resistance and gives a good surface finish. HexPly® M19.1/M19.6 exhibits a very long out life at room temperature. Several variations are available including: HexPly® M19.6 for medium tack HexPly® M19.1 for high tack Benefits and Features Very high flow matrix Excellent tack life Well adapted to low pressure processing Suitable for a range of pressures (0,5 to 5 bar) Versatile cure cycle 80 – 160 °C Good flexibility and handling of prepreg Suitable for thick laminates Good surface finish Low resin density Excellent fatigue resistance Translucent resin after curing Reduced exotherm

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Product Datasheet Cured Matrix Properties (cured at 120 °C) Tensile strength Tensile modulus Strain Flexural strength Flexural modulus Glass transition temperature Cured resin density Curing Conditions The ideal cure cycle is 60 min at 120 °C, at a pressure between 0.5 and 5 bar. Alternative cure cycles can be used:

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Product Datasheet Storage Life Out-life 6 weeks 6 months 12 months Precautions for Use The usual precautions when handling uncured synthetic resins and fine fibrous materials should be observed, and a Safety Data Sheet is available for this product. The use of clean disposable inert gloves provides protection for the operator and avoids contamination of material and components

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Product Datasheet Important All information is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability. All users should make their own assessment of the suitability of any product for the purposes required. All sales are made subject to our standard terms of sale which include limitations on liability and other terms. Copyright Hexcel Corporation E – M19.1/M19.6 – Nov 07 For More Information Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and other demanding industries. Our comprehensive product range includes: ■ Carbon Fibre ■ RTM Materials ■...

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