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HexPly® 920 125°C curing epoxy matrix Product Data Description HexPly 920 is a very tough advanced resin matrix, ideally suited to the single-shot production of honeycomb sandwich structures and the manufacture of solid laminates. It is highly tolerant of a variety of production techniques and equipment, making it easy to process. The high toughness of HexPly 920 makes it ideal for industrial applications and performance cars. It is available preimpregnated into carbon, glass or aramid fibres. Very tough matrix Excellent adhesive properties Tolerant to many production techniques High melt viscosity, giving easy processing characteristics Suitable for low to medium pressure laminating and moulding Variable cure cycles Long shelf life at -18°C and out life at 23°C Excellent surface finish Resin Matrix Properties Rheology Rheometrics dynamic spectrometer. Heat up rate 2°C/min 1000

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HexPly® 920 Cured Matrix Properties (cured at 125°C) Tensile strength Tensile modulus Tensile strain Poisson’s ratio Flexural modulus Compression strength Compression strain Toughness K1C Toughness G1C Glass transition temperature (Tg) Cured density Vol. shrinkage Method ISO R527 type 1 ISO R527 type 1 ISO R527 type 1 ISO R527 type 1 ISO 178 ISO 604 ISO 604 Tested in accordance with EGF Task Group on Polymers and Composites protocol. DMTA Prepreg Curing Conditions 1 hour at 125°C and 300kN/m2 (3 bar) pressure. Heat up rate 2°C to 10°C HexPly 920 is very versatile and can cure much quicker...

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180°C curing epoxy matrix Prepreg Storage Life ! ! Tack Life Guaranteed Shelf Life 30 days 12 months (minimum) Storage conditions. HexPly 920 prepregs should be stored as received in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator. After removal from refrigerator storage, prepreg should be allowed to reach room temperature before opening the polythene bag, thus preventing condensation. (A full reel in its packaging can take up to 48 hours). Precautions for Use The usual precautions when handling uncured synthetic resins and fine fibrous materials should be observed, and a Safety Data Sheet is...

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All information is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability. Users should make their own assessment of the suitability of any product for the purposes required. All sales are made subject to our standard terms of sale which include limitations on liability and other important terms. •Copyright Hexcel Corporation Hexcel is a leading worldwide supplier of composite materials to aerospace and other demanding industries. Our comprehensive product range includes: ■ Carbon Fibre ■ Structural Film Adhesives ■ RTM Materials ■ Honeycomb Sandwich Panels ■ Honeycomb Cores ■...

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