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Polyspeed G-EV 974GI is a woven glass fibre epoxy laminate with grid structure, ideally suited for the PUR-Ski-production. The laminate is supplied in roll form. Widths are available from 38 -1240 mm. Glass Fibre Reinforcement Resin Matrix Properties Glass transition temperature °C Laminate Data Areal weight (unground) g/m2 Resin content (unground) weight % Thickness (unground) mm Mechanical Properties Standard Tensile strength EN ISO 527 Tensile modulus EN ISO 527 Unit Value°

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Storage Conditions There are no special storing precautions to be taken with EV laminates. For proper processing the material should be clean and should not contain excessive moisture. Precautions for Use Dust may be generated during machining operations. Dust filter respiratory protection should be used and safety goggles worn. Adequate ventilation should be provided to remove nuisance dust. In accordance with good industrial practice, handle with due care and avoid unnecessary personal contact. Wash after handling. Important All information is believed to be accurate but is given without...

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