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Product Sheet smartplant® Explorer Integrated Plant Data Viewing As an example of use by the O/O, a specific seal on a control SmartPlant® Explorer enables you to view, navigate, query, and report on live PDS®, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and SmartPlant P&ID design data – all through a convenient and completely integrated Web-based environment – without the need to deploy the associated authoring tools to each desktop. SmartPlant Explorer offers a common, configurable, and unified interface to present design data in the context of your needs. An invaluable solution, SmartPlant Explorer essentially creates a simple, and easily accessible, website that enables you to directly access multiple existing plant databases around the world without keeps presenting problems. Maintenance personnel use SmartPlant Explorer to access the P&ID and run a report on all control valves of that type. Next, the user can navigate over to those control valves to find the vendor data defined by SmartPlant Instrumentation and work on corrective action with the vendor. During the replacement and planning of that process, the valves can easily be located in the 3D model using the links between SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and PDS. Regardless of the application or user, the navigation, viewing, and reporting techniques are identical using SmartPlant Explorer. any risk of accidental modification. The software supports the entire Secure data with access control plant life cycle with reliable and usable information. SmartPlant Explorer ensures that your plant data is distributed Reduce project costs by providing ready access to data, drawings, in a secure way on the Internet. Access rights are set up by the and reports from design tools without the need to deploy authoring products to every desktop. The user only needs Microsoft Internet ® Explorer® – no software installation is required at the client side. Following Microsoft interface standards, SmartPlant Explorer provides even your infrequent or untrained users with access to the data they need to get their jobs done without any knowledge of the underlying applications. If you can use the Internet, you can view the latest plant engineering data. Benefits for O/Os and EPCs SmartPlant Explorer is appropriate for use by both the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor and owner operator (O/O). As an example of use by the EPC, the project manager accesses the P&ID through SmartPlant Explorer to learn the status of project progress. The manager then runs the SmartPlant P&ID line and equipment list reports and the SmartPlant Instrumentation Instrument Index from inside SmartPlant Explorer. From the P&ID, the project manager can select the critical process lines to see if and how complete the model is in the 3D environment. administrator or inherited from the authoring tool using Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) roles. Roles can be set up to control the access and interfaces available to a group. Individuals assigned to roles are then allowed to see certain types of data or run specific reports or actions. Depending on how it is configured, the user is presented with a tailored interface. The data is just a URL away. Finding data with one mouse-click SmartPlant Explorer offers user-definable Favorites to enable the casual user to access commonly viewed data with just one click of the mouse. Reports, P&ID drawings, 3D models, and more can all be pre-defined in a Favorite. Favorites provide fast access to upto-date information for design, construction, or operational purposes. Comprehensive reporting capabilities A comprehensive reporting tool, SmartPlant Explorer supports generation of several different types of reports – on demand – from live data. These reports include: • Default and user-configured t

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• Graphical reports showing results as highlighted items in drawings Complementary software • Application reports (native reports from SmartPlant P&ID and Installing additional products provides even more capabili- SmartPlant Instrumentation) SmartPlant Explorer uses information defined for the authoring tools to help you get what you need. Not only can you directly run Microsoft Excel® reports defined in SmartPlant P&ID, you can also employ the layouts and filters used by that product’s interface to create tabular reports in SmartPlant Explorer. You get exactly the same output as you would...

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