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SOLUTION SHEET BENEFITS: • Manage requirements, licensing, and engineering design basis seamlessly in a single, integrated environment. SMARTPLANT® ENTERPRISE FOR OWNER OPERATORS REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT AND TRACEABILITY (RMT) SOLUTION The Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) Requirements • Identify and manage the fulfillment of requirements, regulations, standards, laws, and other identified stakeholder requirements. Management and Traceability (RMT) solution stores, tracks, and relates requirements, • Generate fast and easy breakout of requirements and commitments from documents. regulatory authorities require plant designers and owners to demonstrate compliance • Provide immediate visibility on the impact of changes via a defined set of traceability relationships. • Track and report on requirement status and easily locate “orphaned” requirements. design, and licensing bases and other plant documentation for complex process plant projects and operating plants. RMT originated in the highly regulated nuclear and life-science industries, for which with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and specifications, both for proposed capital projects and in existing operating plants. Other process industries, such as conventional power, chemicals, and oil and gas, are increasingly recognizing the need for RMT because of: • Increasing levels of regulation. • More stringent auditing and penalties being imposed by regulators. • The growing cost and complexity of process plants. • Increasing globalization and number of stakeholders and their associated requirements. • Identify gaps and non-fulfillment of stakeholder requirements. • Implementation of more rigorous process safety and asset integrity programs. • Track requirements against the evolving engineering design basis during project work. The SPO RMT solution leverages the power gained from integrating requirements, • Perform follow-up on all requirements and gain auditable traceability throughout the plant life cycle. • Provide demonstrable compliance to regulatory authorities for the management of requirements. THE POWER OF INTEGRATION commitments, and the engineering design basis into a common database. The SPO RMT solution is integrated with the SPO Core solution that manages the plant engineering design basis. This tightly integrated environment provides a direct “line-of-sight” between each requirement and the affected plant systems, structures, and components (SSCs) and associated documentation. Users can quickly and easily assess the impact of change originating in either the plant design information or governing requirements. IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS OR COMMITMENT ITEMS A requirements document may include many different requirements, such as: • Performance requirements. • Safety requirements. • Functional requirements. • Environmen

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A key component of the SPO RMT Solution is a document decomposer. Subject matter experts can use this tool to identify discrete requirements within the body of a requirements document. The text, figure, or chart representing a requirement within a source document is highlighted. The solution automatically assigns a unique requirement identification number based on a configurable numbering scheme. Associated properties, such as requirement classification type and description, are also assigned. The document decomposer also helps users identify changes within a subsequent revision of a...

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