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SOLUTION SHEET KEY BENEFITS • No need to take cumbersome hardcopy documents into the field. • Field workers always have the latest up-to-date information and docu- mentation at their fingertips. • Offline, mobile access to informa- tion and documentation on Microsoft® Windows® v7 and v8 laptops and tablet devices. • Easy scoping of data and documen- tation to be included in offline brief- cases. • Simple user interface for field personnel to access, browse, and locate information and documenta- tion offline. SMARTPLANT® ENTERPRISE FOR OWNER OPERATORS MOBILE APPLICATIONS Owner operators undertake many activities in which information and documentation are required but online access may not be possible. These include activities such as: • Subsea intervention and workovers. • Inspection and maintenance of remote facilities, including pipelines, transmission equipment, and pumping stations. • Construction and completions activities. • Turnaround and modification activities. • Day-to-day maintenance, inspections, and associated lock-out/tag-outs. The traditional solution to support such activities has been to provide hardcopy printouts of relevant documentation and information. Paper printouts are not only labor-intensive to produce and maintain, but they are also cumbersome and difficult to use in the field. Plus, markups made in the field are often difficult to interpret back in the office, which causes further delays in transcribing data into relevant systems. The Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) engineering informa- • Offline navigation between 3D models, TruView laser scans, intel- ligent P&IDs, and other information and documentation. tion management system offers preconfigured work processes covering the complete • Fast and simple capture of notes, photographs, and check sheets in the field. Applications currently available include SPO Briefcasing, SPO Mechanical Completion, • Simple, one-click upload to SPO of completed inspection check sheets, notes, photos, and media captured in the field. • Delays and errors in transcribing notes from paper mark-ups are eliminated. plant life cycle, interoperability with maintenance and other operations systems, and a common Web portal designed for owner operators. SPO Mobile Applications extend SPO’s reach into offline work locations. SPO Mobile SPO Geotagging, and SPO Inspection Assistant. SPO Mobile Applications provide a simple way to replace paper printouts with offline access to information and documentation on Windows-based devices such as laptops or tablets. Information and documentation is downloaded into a “briefcase” on a mobile device, which is then available offline. Fast and easy mechanisms are provided to scope the contents of briefcases. For inspection packages, a simple one-click “export to briefcase” menu selection is all that is needed to send all related documents and tags with associated data to the briefcase. Briefcases may also be scoped by simple drag and drop or “extended drag and drop.” For example, including a tag or purchase order can be used to aut

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FAST, EASY DATA ACCESS For customers who implement the SPO Mobile Operating Plant Field engineers and technicians need easy-to-use solutions to solution, inspection checklists can be included in inspection pack- give fast access to only relevant information. The SPO Mobile Ap- age briefcases and completed offline in the field. plications provide this through a highly intuitive graphical user in- The Geotagging app allows users to scan RFID tags or barcodes terface (GUI). Users select a briefcase for a work package or field operation. They then receive direct access to relevant 3D models,...

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