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PRODUCT SHEET SMARTPLANT® ELECTRICAL Design and Maintain a Safe, Reliable Power Distribution System From Load Identification to Plant Startup Fast-track project execution for engineering companies and lower operational risk for plant owners are keys to business success, and Intergraph® can help you achieve these goals. SmartPlant® Electrical is a task-specific, rule-driven, and data-centric solution that helps you gain a competitive edge in the industry. Choose from two distinct solutions: • SmartPlant Electrical – Power distribution network engineering and design, including a bi-directional interface with ETAP for comprehensive electrical analysis and simulation. the chance of errors and costly overruns. The solution covers each stage of the workflow, from engineering with validation through the bi-directional ETAP interface, one-line diagrams, cable routing, drum management, and more. Automatically generated deliverables as “view” of the design data • SmartPlant Electrical Detailed (powered by SIGRAPH.CAE®) – Detailed scope with three-line schematics, wiring, panel designs, and PLC configuration. Automatic generation of diagrams and schematics provides engineers with new freedom to expand and optimize the electrical system using “what-if” scenarios, without worrying about the high cost of drawing generation or which CAD package the project uses. Plus, the automatically created deliverables are a true and consistent representation of the design data. SMARTPLANT ELECTRICAL Standards and data reuse SmartPlant Electrical helps you increase quality, reliability, and efficiency in electrical design, construction, operation, and maintenance. The solution stands up to today’s rigorous demands of compressed schedules and operating budgets, fixed-price contracts, and concurrent engineering. It delivers clear benefits by: The software helps you make the best use of data assets the company already possesses. It provides defaults that you can use to increase quality and efficiency during plant design, operations, and maintenance, using best-practice solutions to lower maintenance cost and risks. • Saving time and cost through batch profile-based creation of electrical data, automation, batch load balancing, cable management, automatic drawings and diagrams, report generation, and change management. Flexible operations • Maintaining and enforcing standards, such as corporate rules and plant-specific dictates, to help you make the right decisions early with the rules enforcing engineering practices and best practices. • Integrating with the advanced analysis solution from ETAP to validate the design. The data generated from the combined knowledge of your engineers is one of your company’s greatest assets. SmartPlant Electrical helps define, maintain, and preserve the value of your corporate knowledge and data assets throughout the life cycle of a project and plant. You can apply industry, government regulatory, corporate, client, or plant-specific standards to your design to ensure compliance, consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, reducing SmartPlant Electrical can create, organize, and maintain large quantities of data or entities, or manipulate data on a “oneby-one” basis. A project with more than 1,000 loads, for example, was executed with the solution. The Apply Options feature adds tremendous flexibility, such as dynamically associating and creating power cables and control stations and their control cables (implied components), along with their default data for selected electrical equipment. Report generation Both graphical and tabular reports are available. Graphical reports include schematic drawings, single-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, and cable block diagrams. Once the design is complete, you can generate these graphical reports and save them to any of the major commercial CAD formats (SmartSketch®, AutoCAD®, and

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MicroStation) or as a PDF. Tabular reports using the standard Microsoft Excel report mechanism link to the project database. ® SMARTPLANT ELECTRICAL DETAILED SmartPlant Electrical Detailed, powered by SIGRAPH.CAE, helps you fast-track your electrical engineering with knowledge-based engineering and documentation from concept to detailed design for electrical engineering. The solution supports the electrical engineer or designer in detailed design tasks. Create all the design and deliverables required for the electrical system, such as three-line diagrams, schematics, PLC loading, and...

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