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SOLUTON SHEET SOLUTION: SmartPlant® Cloud is a tailored computing environment offering a self-contained ecosystem of SmartPlant Enterprise, your third-party solutions, and in-house applications supported by dedicated technical and business operations services uniquely tailored to our industry. SMARTPLANT® CLOUD BENEFITS FOR EPCs INDUSTRY PRESSURES We understand today’s challenges and how they affect engineering, procurement, and construction firms: • Energy demands are growing at an incredible pace. Analysts expect investment spend to reach US$38 trillion by 2035. You already use data-centric applications like SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and Intergraph Smart™ 3D, because intelligent data has tremendous value in your work processes and for populating both your project’s and your client’s operational systems. • Project sizes require multiple partners. Having projects in the cloud offers you many advantages over traditional implementations. Intergraph® SmartPlant Cloud can take your expertise to the next level by enabling your company to leverage your data-centric knowledge to benefit the client well beyond project end. other partners, and maintain high levels of quality has never been greater. Add to this SmartPlant Cloud can increase consistency, enable you to scale your team more efficiently and quickly, outlay less initial capital, provide earlier visibility into partner efforts that affect your work, and help you manage your team’s quality level regardless of where the team execution is occurring. always tends to be one of the top reasons for delays. SmartPlant Cloud offers potential new business opportunities. These range from strategic alignment with clients to providing a consistent infrastructure for all of your offices to train, work, and deliver to a known level of quality. Align internal work processes and software positions, and maintain your knowledge level across all of your office locations. ocations. • Schedules are tighter. • Projects are in more geographically challenging locations. Information Access The pressure on EPCs to execute on schedule, have consistent deliverables with the fact that data-centric engineering systems provide a higher level of intelligence for populating procurement, construction, and plant systems. Managing and synchronizing documents and data across partners is a larger and more important task than ever. The evidence is clear. Studies have shown that at least 40 percent of projects miss the planned schedule. Delays can be caused by many factors, but information access If you are the Project Management Consultancy (PMC), your role is to make sure that all information meets requirements. Usually this means you have the task of making all information meet the requirements after final delivery from the other contractors. The potential for duplication of effort in cleaning up project materials puts pressure on resources and schedule. SmartPlant Cloud can provide earlier visibility into partners’ deliverables, offering the opportunity to fix any issues earlier in the process, reducing rework and saving schedule. SOLUTION STRATEGIES Increased Quality, Minimized Downtime The impact of inconsistent or dispersed data affects plant operations’ bottom line. Operators typically plan for 8 percent downtime every year. However, when they analyzed their records, the downtime was actually closer to 16 percent – double the time that was planned.

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There are many factors that can impact a project, but a large portion of downtime is attributed to looking for information across • Human resources. multiple systems. SmartPlant Cloud helps your clients consolidate their plant data into a single location that is secure and available anytime from anywhere. Some owners are now looking for a main information contractor (MIC) to manage plant data well after the project is finished. This MIC would work closely with the owner to define and manage plant information to make sure it meets a higher level of quality, offers access to many departments,...

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