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PRODUCT SHEET • ASME NQA-1-2012 Subpart 3.2-214 Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD). Pipe Stress Analysis for the Nuclear Industry CAESAR II – World Leader in Pipe Stress Analysis • NRC requirements, 10 CFR Part 21. • Static and dynamic analysis. • Intuitive analysis model creation. • Cutting-edge graphics. • Design tools and wizards. • Load and view plant model. • Comprehensive error checking. • User-definable reports. • Wind and wave analysis. • Seismic and support settlement analysis. CAESAR II® is the world’s most respected tool for pipe stress analysis. Used by more O/Os and EPCs, it is the solution against which all others are measured. CAESAR II offers more than 34 international piping codes and is known for its technical superiority, flexibility, ease of use, innovation, and reliability. CAESAR II now complies with ASME NQA-1 2008/09 quality assurance (QA). CAESAR II Nuclear – Building on a Proven Track Record CAESAR II Nuclear is a unique solution that leverages the power and quality that CAESAR II has built on for nearly 30 years. CAESAR II Nuclear complies with ASME NQA-1 2008/09 QA standards required for nuclear facility design as endorsed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This new software solution boasts additional • International piping codes. features over CAESAR II, allowing for direct adoption in the nuclear sector for both new • Extensive material databases. • Steel databases and modeling. • Expansion joint databases. ASME Nuclear Quality and Assurance • Hanger databases. To ensure the total quality and integrity of CAESAR II Nuclear as required by the ASME • Hanger design. NQA-1, Intergraph® conducted hundreds of automated numerical, usability, and work- • Automated stress iso creation. flow tests. During development, all steps have test plans which incorporate multiple • Links to Intergraph CADWorx Plant. review levels to ensure a robust and high-quality industry solution. • Links to Intergraph Smart™ 3D. Commercial Grade Dedication The Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) acceptance process, as outlined in ASME NQA-1-2012 Subpart 3.2-214, includes detailed verification of results using alternate calculation tools and verification tests such as the NRC benchmarks. These results and comparisons are published in a CGD Guide to document the software’s accuracy. The CGD technical verification guide is also separately available for CAESAR II Nuclear users. Quality Assurance and Reporting CAESAR II Nuclear users in the U.S. can access QA reporting to keep them fully informed about issues and software changes helping them comply with U.S. federal requirements 10 CFR Part 50 App. B. and 10 CFR Part 21. Quality You Can Trust Following higher QA standards has improved the overall quality of the CAESAR II products as a whole. Both CAESAR II and CAESAR II Nuclear users can enjoy increased

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confidence in a tool that has delivered reliable results for three decades. Links to Design CAESAR II solutions offer many time-saving interfaces, such as bi-directional links between plant design and engineering analysis. These links between Intergraph Smart 3D and Intergraph CADWorx® Plant Professional enable the transfer of design and analysis data between design and analysis without data loss. • The solution offers a design and input verification tool, CAESAR II QATest, for comparing benchmark output with the output generated for an installation. This enables users to satisfy their...

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