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High Performance Adhesives and Sealants 121 Tech Drive Sanford, FL 32771 (407) 322-4000 Fax: (407) 321-9700 Technical Data Sheet April 2019 ReAct® 72 7 Product Description Typical Applications Hernon® ReAct® 727 is a tough acrylic adhesive designed primarily for securing of ceramic permanent magnet segments in motor magnet bonding applications. This adhesive has also found wide acceptance in a variety of structural bonding applications due to its versatile performance capabilities. ReAct® 727 has demonstrated the ability to provide high tensile strength while maintaining excellent product flexibility. This results in tough, durable bonds with outstanding impact and peel resistance. This tough acrylic is a room temperature curing adhesive which is used in conjunction with Hernon® EF® Activator 56. Product Benefits Improved Reliability • High impact and shock resistance • Good gap filling properties. • Excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. • Consistent rate of cure from 60 to 100°F (16 to 38°C) • Consistent bond strength Improved Processing • Fast fixturing • No pot life, no mixing • No waste problems • Low toxicity • Low odor • Thixotropic: facilitates dispensing/applying • Non-migrating on vertical surfaces • Increases productivity • Requires minimal parts cleaning • Easy clean-up Cost Effective • Requires minimal clamping time and tooling. • Eliminates high energy cost needed for heat cured materials. • Eliminates need for mechanical clips • DC motor assembly. • Magnet bonding. • Bonding pre-coated sheet metal. • Bonding ferrites, plastic, and metal wear strips. • Bonding metals with special surface treatments such as galvanized, phosphate, and dichromate surfaces. Typical Properties (Uncured) Typical Curing Performance ReAct® 727 is designed to be used with EF® Activator 56 and cured at room temperature. Cure characteristics are measured by determining fixture time (handling time) and speed of cure. Fixture Time Fixture time is defined as the time to develop a shear strength of 0.1 N/mm2. Tested on grit-blasted steel lap-shear specimens, one side primed with EF® Activator 56 for gap. Cure Speed The graph below shows shear strength developed with time using EF® Activator 56 on steel lap-shear specimens a

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Hernon Technical Data Sheet ReAct® 727 Page 2 of 3 Humidity Resistance Conditioned in 45°C and %95 humidity for time indicated and tested at 22°C. Exposure Time Chemical/Solvent Resistance Cure Speed vs. Temperature Heat can be used to effect or accelerate cure when surface priming operations are undesirable. Optimum conditions for heat cure should be determined on the actual assemblies. Aged 720 hours at specified temperature in chemical/solvent indicated. Tested at 22°C. Shear Strength Tested at RT according to ASTM D1002. Typical Cured Performance Chem ical/Solvent Shear Strength Tested...

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Hernon Technical Data Sheet ReAct 727 Storage ReAct 727 should be stored in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at a temperature between 45ºF to 85ºF (7ºC to 29ºC) unless otherwise labeled. Optimal storage is at the lower half of this temperature range. To prevent contamination of unused material, do not return any material to its original container. Dispensing Equipment Hernon offers a complete line of semi and fully automated dispensing equipment. Contact Hernon Sales for additional information. These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable and...

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