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121 Tech Drive Sanford, FL 32771 (407) 322-4000 Fax: (407) 321-9700 www.hernon.com ISO 9001 Registered High Performance Adhesives and Sealants Technical Data Sheet Dissipator 746 Product Description Hernon Dissipator 746 is a thermally conductive adhesive formulated for bonding electrical components to heat sinks or printed circuit boards. Fast room temperature cure combined with excellent heat dissipation for thermally sensitive components and controlled strength for service repair provide perfect replacement for tapes, epoxies, silicones, fasteners and mechanical clips. Area: 1 sq. in. Stainless Steel electrodes 746 cured @ 2.0 mm thick 746 uncured @ 2.0 mm thick 746 cured @ 0.4 mm thick 746 uncured @ 0.4 mm thick Typical Applications Typical Curing Performance Typical applications include bonding transformers, transistors and other heat generating electronic components to printed circuit board assemblies or heat sinks. Dissipator 746, when used with Hernon Activator 63, fixtures at room temperature in less than five minutes. Typical Cured Performance Typical Properties (Uncured) Property Chemical type Modified acrylic White paste Specific gravity Flash point Cured for 24 hours @ 22ºC. Lap-shear specimens (Activator 63 applied to one surface), Shear Strength, ASTM D1002 Substrates Typical Properties (Cured) Physical Properties Typical Environmental Resistance Coefficient of thermal expansion, ASTM D696 (K-1) Coefficient of thermal conductivity, ASTM C 177, W/(m·K) Electrical Properties Property Impedence Measurements Specimens cured at 10:1 weight ratio with activator 15. Mixed quickly for a few minutes and cured under compression for 24 hours at room temperature. The results are as follows: Cured for 72 hours @ 22ºC. steel lap-shear specimens (Activator 63 applied to one surface), Shear Strength, ASTM D1002. Chemical/Solvent Resistance Aged under conditions indicated for 720 hours and tested at 22ºC. Chemical/Solvent Hot Strength Cured for 24 Hours at RT with Activator 63. Shear strength was determined for g

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Hernon Technical Data Sheet Dissipator 746 Hernon offers a complete line of semi and fully automated dispensing equipment. Contact Hernon Sales for additional information. These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable and accurate, but no guarantee of their accuracy is made. HERNON MANUFACTURING, INC. shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury, direct or consequential arising out of the use or the inability to use the product. In every case, we urge and recommend that purchasers, before using any product in full scale production, make their own...

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