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Custom Display Panels

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Custom illuminated display and text to your design Overall size to suit your application and situation More informative than panel lamps Customers logos etc. can be included in or on the panel Less expensive than programmable displays Easily customised for medium volumes (100 to 500) Separate printed legend allows multi-lingual systems Various cable entry positions on the rear or side The display panel is mounted in a frame with a black lookђ panel that appears blank until the display is illuminated. In addition to multi-coloured legends, the display can incorporate various switches and displays such as LCD or TFT. Conventional switches can be mounted through the panel or non-contact switches may be concealed behind the front panel. The panel can be secured by either screwing through the front face or hidden mounting points fitted behind the panel. Since the display is sealed into the frame to prevent ingress of moisture from the front, sealing under the face of the frame can provide a highly water resistant finish to the mounted panel. The display is easily kept clean by wiping over with most non abrasive cleaners. If the black lookђ panel becomes badly scratched or damaged, it may be quickly replaced. The legend text can easily be updated or translated into different languages as the text is printed onto a separate film sandwiched within the construction of the display. For a quotation, please send a dimensioned drawing of the display area with any text and colour illuminated areas. The standard finish on the frame is a textured aluminium look; other finishes are available. Note mounting requirements and cable entry points and if additional labels are required. > As a consequence of our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to change with out notice any detail in this publication. Please see our Conditions of Sale. size="-1">

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