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Continuous-Row Systems CONVEO

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THE LIGHT OF PRODUCTIVITY. To ensure that optimum productivity is possible not only on the machine but also within the building, we can offer the tried-and-tested TAUREO continuous-row system and the ACANEO high-bays, with a proven track record over many years under harsh conditions. With CONVEO, Waldmann, the market leader for industrial luminaires, is now setting an entirely new standard across the board to enable productive work to be carried out in production, warehouse and dispatch areas of industrial premises. The continuous-row system, sophisticated down to the last detail,...

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CONVEO. THE LIGHT OF PRODUCTIVITY FOR INDUSTRIAL PREMISES Intelligence Precisely the right light in the right quantity at the right time. Always the right level of illumination for any activity -also in emergencies. The infinitely variable dimming function (DALI), used in combination with an intelligent light management system with scope for integrating sensors, is an additional way to save energy. 4 High light quality Perfect viewing comfort combined with ultimate consistency. Specially developed lenses and classes of luminous flux deliver optimum lighting without light-and-dark zones in a...

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A system of industrial lighting from the market leader for this sector. With hallmark Swabian ingenuity, CONVEO combines everything that you need for professional operations, as a planner, an installation electrician or as an owner / operator: Extremely simple intuitive installation. Safe positioning. Ideal light output. Ultimate ease of maintenance. With CONVEO you can achieve the right conditions for optimum performance and productivity inside any building. Sustainability Application Cost efficiency Sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions combined in an optimum continuous-row...

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Light works in many different ways and can have a wide range of effects on the productivity of work. One aspect is the non-visual impact. Natural light, the properties of which alter during the course of the day in terms of light colour and illuminance value, is essential to human beings. It helps us to see, ensures our emotional well-being and affects our activation and recovery phases. Finally, the non-visual impact of light synchronises the inner clock human beings possess. Phases of wakefulness and sleep are determined primarily by the proportion of two hormones in the body,...

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Obviously, efficiency in warehouse and dispatch areas begins with good lighting The specially developed lenses with ultra-narrow-beam light distribution satisfy the highest of standards, even in modern buildings with ceiling heights of up to 15 metres and more. This makes them the perfect solution for warehouses and logistics facilities, the heights of which continue to increase in new buildings. The lens directs the light with optimum efficiency to the transport lane in the narrow aisles between shelving units, satisfying the requirements of standards in relation to minimum illuminance, even...

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Depending on sector and activity, requirements for the lighting of production buildings can vary widely. Good that in such a case you can bring Waldmann experience to bear inside that building. Wherever CONVEO is used in a production environment, it delivers precisely what you would expect from a modern, continuous-row lighting system: great reliability, flexibility, freedom from maintenance and maximum durability. The wide-beam distribution of light assures uniform background illumination, with light-and-dark areas now consigned to the past. A range of various luminous flux packages ensures...

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Fill up with inspiration, charge up with lighting ideas. In showroom EMIL 28, the spirit of the company founder Emil Waldmann shines out. #blackforestlight

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Shine the light of precision so people can build better things. Shine the light of reason so people can see more clearly. Shine the light of creation so people have brighter ideas. Shine the light of knowledge so science reveals more. Shine the light of day so your people stay healthy at work. Shine the light of sustainability so nothing is wasted. Shine the light of connectivity so your building works as one. Shine the light of experience so your projects evade costly errors. Shine the light of success so your organisation can grow and prosper. Shine the # blackforestlight and conquer...

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ILLUMINATING MORE PRODUCTIVELY Mounting rail Made of galvanised steel plate, with integrated bus bar profile and colour-coding. Plugs To make electrical contact with the bus bar. With adjustable contact for phase selection and mechanical anti-twist protection for safe installation. Lighting technology Fully press-mounted PCB with integrated PMMA internal optics for precise light deflection. Fastening Thanks to continuous profiling and robust clamps, the mounting rail can be fitted anywhere, and can be adjusted longitudinally. Holding clamp Mechanical securing of device carrier in mounting rail,...

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With CONVEO you are perfectly prepared for every installation situation. The smart bus bar profile and the ingenious connection technology guarantee optimum function and perfect light for any desired length of the continuous-row system. Plug together without tools for a secure mechanical and electrical connection as well as continuous current feed. Today, the lighting of industrial buildings is this quick, easy and reliable. Feed Through a pre-stamped aperture at the ends of the mounting rail, or laterally through an end cap Device carriers Fully pre-assembled, including integrated seals at...

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Maximum system flexibility and an installation-friendly concept make CONVEO the new darling of industrial lighting planners. Fast access to planning data from the Waldmann website provides an optimum overview of all possible variants. Maximum possible flexibility with planning is guaranteed by the integrated bus bar profile. And with CONVEO, there is precisely the right option for every adaptation. Whether angled, suspended or installed directly. This is how CONVEO creates the ideal conditions for successful projects. With the simplicity, safety, flexibility and efficiency that a professional...

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