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Mounted valves Connection block type A, B and C A connection block represents the connecting link between the hydraulic power pack and the hydraulic control. The connection blocks described here are suitable for combining with compact hydraulic power packs. A valve bank can be directly attached to the connection block type A such that a compact hydraulic control unit is produced. As standard the type A contains a pressure-limiting valve that can be supplemented with a pressure or return line lter, or an idle circulation valve, among other items. The connection block type B controls single-acting cylinders, e.g. in pallet lifting equipment. The integrated pressure-limiting valve limits the maximum lifting force. The lowering speed is adjusted using the integrated throttle. The connection block type C has only a pump and return port and is used in hydraulic systems with decentral valve blocks. The connection blocks type A, B and C can be combined, e.g. with the compact hydraulic power packs type KA, HK and MPN. Features and benets: ■ Enables compact and sturdy direct mounting of ongoing components at the compact power packs of HAWE Hydraulik ■ Intermediate plates enable versatile addition of other components ■ Efcient and space saving solution for mounting individual valves or valve banks to single and dual circuit pumps ■ Pressure/return line lters, pressure-limiting valves, pressure switches, etc. can be directly integrated Connection blocks to the completion of hydraulic power packs Add-on valve enabling pipe connection or direct mounting of valve banks Intended applications: ■ Lifting devices ■ Machine tools ■ Modules for braking or rotor blade adjustment at wind power systems ■ Tracking systems for solar panels and parabolic antennas Design and order coding example AS3F2 Pressure setting (bar) Basic type HAWE Produ

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Type A with pressure-limiting valve (fixed or manually adjustable, also with unit approval as safety valve for safeguarding hydraulic accumulators) ■ For direct pipe connection ■ To attach valve banks Options: ■ Check valve in P gallery ■ Prop. pressure-limiting valve ■ Return line filter, Pressure filter ■ Idle circulation valve (solenoid-actuated) ■ Shut-off valve, accumulator charging valve Type C without additional elements ■ For direct pipe connection Options: ■ For pipe connection (pump side) of all type A, B connection blocks (Type C15, C16 - connection block with hole pattern of the...

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